Disney movies are always a classic. As kids we enjoyed them so much that we laughed, cried, and sang along. However, now that we are older and watch the movies many many times, you can't help but notice how inappropriate they actually are.

Cars and their "flashing headlights"


I'm sure we have all seen the movie "Cars" at some point in our lives. But who would have thought that they would put some sexual innuendos in a movie about cars? Well when Lightning McQueen was signing autographs, there were two twin cars who said they loved him and flashed their headlights. If you really think about it, they are basically showing off their breasts for him to sign.

"Toy Story"- Someone Is A Little Excited


We all wanted Jesse and Woody to get together in Toy Story, but were they really meant for each other? In one scene, Jesse was helping save the family dog and she did all of these tricks on a car race track. This caused Buzz Lightyear's wings to immediately pop out while watching her. I mean, that just shows he was a little too excited (if you know what I mean).

Aladdin and the "brothel"?


Now, who knows what a brothel is? Well a brothel is where men go to pay to be with prostitutes. This is what was actually going on in one of the scenes in Aladdin. In the beginning, Aladdin was hiding from the guards after he was stealing food from the market and he went into a house of girls and they did not like him because he was poor and did not have money to pay them for the deed.

The Lion King - isn't it supposed to be about the animals?


Do you notice anything wrong with this cover photo? No? Once you know, you will never be able to look at this picture the same again. If you look really closely at the nose, then you can see the outline of a women's backside. This is not something a kids movie should ever have.

Aladdin again?


There are more coming from Aladdin. This was the third one where Aladdin and Princess Jasmine finally get married. After the wedding, the Genie decides to joke about them. The Genie says, "I thought the Earth wasn't supposed to move until the honeymoon." This is basically saying that the honeymoon is where the couple is supposed to consummate their marriage and have kids.

The Lion King is telling the future?


In The Lion King, they may not have realized at first, but the stars in the sky spelled out a very interesting word. No kid should know about this word until they are older so the fact they put it in a Disney move is very wrong. This is saying that people are only gonna care about sex in the future and we do not want that.

Muppets- Miss Piggy needs to calm herself


The Muppet movies have been one of the most famous movies of all time. Puppets are always kid shows and toys. They teach kids lessons so they can be better people in the future. In one scene of the Muppets movies about pirates, she says, "Well, he was a pirate, and I was a lady...you know the story." I'm sure we all know what this means happened between the pirate and miss piggy.

Toy Story- she's a what?


There are a bunch of strange toys in one of the Toy Story movies but this one is the worst. They call it the "hooker." This toy has Barbie legs with a hook top, which is why it is called a hooker now. People do not understand how this can be bad for children when they find out what their childhood movies really were like.