I am a strong believer in that everything happens for a reason. As individuals, we go through problems, setbacks, and emotional tragedies. However, we also go through happy moments in our lives, something as small as a fun day with friends or something as big as your wedding day. All of these come together to make someone whole. A person is shaped by the experiences they live through. The tougher the situation, the stronger a person arises from it. The happier the moment, the more a person strives to get to that place again and when one does, one will be more grateful for those fruitful moments.

You may be in a tough situation that is tearing you down. You may be struggling to find yourself. You may be fighting the social norms to be yourself. Whatever the case may be, you got this. You are stronger than you present yourself. We all try to hide our emotions and put up an image for others to hide our weaknesses. We don’t want to be a burden. However, we are all human and we all go through the same thing. So let down your walls. You can show weakness. You don’t always have to be strong. You can be human.

So I am here to cheer you on. I am here to tell you that everyone is struggling with an issue as well. Whatever you are going through, I will be here to support you. I want to let you know that whatever decision you make, it’s your life and you are making the right choice. From this point on, you will learn from this experience. You will step away from it with another piece to add to your puzzle. A puzzle that makes you who you are. Each piece was created from your happiest and darkest moments to paint a picture unique only to you that is more beautiful and greater than those of Picasso’s.

If you are sad, you will feel the warmth of happiness again. If you are happy, then revel in that moment because it may pass. This is life. When our noses are stuffy, we wonder why we weren’t grateful for when we could breathe in the fresh, crisp air. When we are shivering in the cold of Winter, we wonder when we can run free in under the hot rays of the sun. When we are swept away in the chaos of our lives, we only look to the future, the better, and forget to be thankful and soak in the present. The situation you are in may honestly suck; however, just understand that it’s only a journey up from here. So you got this – I believe in you, buddy.