These tips and tricks are the ones I wish I knew at the time.

1. Choose your outfit WISELY!

By this keep it simple nothing over the top or anything that is revealing either.

You WANT them to like you and to have a good first impression.

The first thing in-laws see is your OUTFIT!!! It says a lot about you and who you are.

2. Be polite.

Yeah, yeah, yeah I know this goes without saying. Honestly, let's face it with our day to day lives we forget to say "please" when asking if they can pass something in our direction.

Its normal and we are caught up with our task but I cannot stress this enough, just say "please," "thank you," "of course."

This goes a long way and the parents of your significant other will definitely notice.


This is a serious one.


or be discreet...

You do not want to show your in-laws that you do not get along or have them think that you are not able to a disagreement.

They want to make sure their child is with someone that will make them happy and not just bring them down.


Remember when you were a kid and your mom knew you took a cookie from the cookie jar even though all the evidence was burned or tossed or eaten?!

Yeah, mothers have this supernatural power called "motherhood" that allows them the ability to know everything about their children.


Your significant other's mother knows if something isn't right between you two and if there is tension.

Plus!!! She hears the inappropriate comments you make when you're upstairs... wish I knew this one before.

5. Follow their lead.

What in this world does that mean?

When you meet them for the first time every parent and family is different. With this being noted follow their lead if they hug you, handshake, or kiss on the cheek.

It will look entirely rude if you go for a handshake when they want to embrace you.

Yeah, you may feel awkward since you just met them but do it... it will give them peace.

6. Never decline a nice gesture.

This one hit me like a bullet.

His mother in law offered to buy me a book (the book I was looking at was $20) you really think I would hop on that bandwagon???

I thought it was courteous to decline once and then accept the offer the second time, but no according to him when they make a gesture accept it because it is their way of welcoming you & building a relationship.

They want to buy you lunch?

Take it!

They want to buy you a sweater?

Take IT!

They want to give you their winning lottery ticket?


7. Thank you gift!

Are you staying at the in-laws house?

Are they letting you use one of their cars for the week?

Are they feeding you?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, surprise them with a thank you gift and note. A little goes a long way.

I gave my in-laws some Starbucks coffee & a mug. They were so grateful & definitely appreciated my stay.

Plus, they have a mug they can remember me by ;)

8. Affection without touching

Show them you care without all the mushy gushy touching.

Serve him during dinner time.

Pick up after he is done eating.

Bring him a blanket.

These tiny gestures are huge for their family and will notice completely that you have care for

9. Relate on ANYTHING!

Quick and easy conversation that is engaging and interesting; try talking about your significant other!

Literally, the easiest way to actually relate to the parents is to talk about them and their quirks or what you do in your spare time with them (nothing sexual, KEEP IT PG, PEOPLE!).

Mention anything they do that makes you smile or places you have been and just how they have been a great addition to your life. They will love to hear this and you both will have something to talk about!


No matter who cooks it...

No matter what is cooked...

You will eat it!

Case is closed.

Obviously, if you have dietary issues (like I do) he mentioned to his parents the types of issues I had and they tried to accommodate it when they cooked. This means there is no excuse to not eat it.

Even if it is bland or no taste at all just eat it... they will appreciate the fact that you ate their food and like it!

These tips will definitely help you in the long run and help you overachieve your first impression with five gold stars.