Like many Democrats and Hillary supporters, I anxiously awaited the almighty VEEP text message Friday evening. At 8:15 P.M., we all found out that Hillary was choosing Virginia Senator Tim Kaine as her running mate, and as a Virginian, I could not be more pleased. It has been very disheartening to see some of the most avid Hillary supporters talking negatively of Tim. I have heard and seen folks on our side call him boring, safe, too religious and nothing but an “old white man.” I am here to tell you this “old white man” is by far the most qualified and best Vice Presidential pick Hillary could have chosen, in my opinion.

Many Hillary fans had dreamt of a Clinton/Warren ticket or a Clinton/Castro ticket, when in reality… neither was ever going to happen. I have been saying Hillary would pick Tim since last fall, but no one listened. So many young Hillary supporters kept shouting, “Julian, Julian.” I know Hillary Clinton, and no disrespect to Castro, but he does not have enough experience and is not qualified enough to be President if something were to happen to Hillary. Plus, she already has the Latino vote. In regards to Warren, I believe Hillary is too smart to pick another woman. As a liberal, I would have loved Clinton/Warren, but we have yet to have a female President. I personally know people that would vote for Hillary, but not two women. That is just how it is.

Hillary already has the Latino vote, and Hillary already has the female vote. The left-wing progressives are already shifting from Bernie to Hillary according to the latest polls thanks to Sanders's endorsement. So where will Tim help? Presidential elections are never decided by the conservatives or the liberals... elections are decided by the middle. Tim is going to help where it counts and that is in the middle. Trump supporters will support Trump through and through, and Hillary supporters will support Hillary through and through. It is swing states and independent middle voters that are important in this election.

Tim has been mayor, senator and governor in a swing state, Virginia, which is a state that has the potential to be the deciding factor. Tim Kaine has been the chairman of the DNC. Tim is a true progressive, for he has an F rating from the NRA, 100 percent voting record with Planned Parenthood and NARAL, Human Rights campaign rating of 100 percent, 93 percent rating with AFL/CIO and a 100 percent approval rating with multiple environmental science agencies. Not only is he progressive on several issues, but he is the most qualified for this job.

There are better campaigners than Tim Kaine, but this goes to show how serious Hillary Clinton takes this job. This was her first major decision as a leader, and I could not be more proud of her. I trust her decision because I trust her. #ImWithTim because #ImWithHer.