Why Is It So Important To Gain Work Experience Before Graduating College?

Why Is It So Important To Gain Work Experience Before Graduating College?

School will teach you structure and concepts, yes, but in order to be prepared for the working field, you need to get your hands dirty.

What makes a college graduate ready to actually work? Is it really the classes they take or is it prior work experience? It could be both or either one, but it seems as though sometimes even when we get that degree we are still not able to find jobs.

Looking for a job requires a resume and what you put on it can determine your eligibility for that particular job. The problem many college students are facing nowadays is they don’t have anything to put on a resume. They were either privileged and their parents never required them to work for their money, school might have been more of the priority, or they simply didn’t have the jump-start they needed.

One door opens another, and so on. It’s getting that very first job that sets up your predicament for the future. Now, a suggestion for future teenagers would be to attempt to work a little bit in high school. The good news is that most of the time in high school your parents are supporting you, so you don’t necessarily need to get paid. Volunteering also looks good on a resume.

Any kind of outside work is a plus, not just for your resume. When you are working, doing something outside of school for a common purpose, you are building life skills. Sitting in class will definitely NOT prepare you for an 8 hour work day and doing mental and physical work with a small break. School will teach you structure and concepts, yes, but in order to be prepared for the working field, you need to get your hands dirty.

If you didn’t start working a little in high school, don’t worry. You can make up for it in college by getting an internship in your field to start you off. If you can’t get something in your field without a degree, consider getting another kind of job. It is very important to learn outside of the classroom. School is a different atmosphere than the real world. Yes, it is freer and you are more of an independent student so college helps you adjust to that kind of independence, but don’t forget the next step is creating your life.

To create the life that you want, you most likely will need money. If you want to travel the world before settling down, or even if grad school is your next step after undergrad, you’re going to need funds to pay for it. Unfortunately, life is built in the way that you need to earn your right to enjoy your life basically. You can live any life you want but you need to support yourself in order to do that.

When potential employers look at your application, they are going to be looking for any experience that has to do with the job you are applying for. Someone applying for a job needs to at least look like they can do the job at hand. My advice to current college students who haven’t worked yet would be maybe you think you know enough for your field, but in case you do get rejected, I would just get any job I can after college, even something that has nothing to do with your major. Also, you can look for an unpaid internship in your field where you can build the skills and work your way up. It’s definitely not over for you.

Internships and volunteering don’t go unnoticed in the work field. And even if you aren’t at your dream job by 21, it doesn’t mean you are a failure. Keep trying and keep building. Get experience in that field of yours and surely through a process you may get where you want to be. It is all a process no matter how it happens.

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5 Affirmations All Women Should Be Saying To Themselves Daily

Affirmations help us to practice positive thinking and self-empowerment, they are life changing!


Affirmations are statements that we say to ourselves, either out loud or in our heads.

Why would someone want to talk to themselves? These statements we speak are feeding our minds positive information. Doing this helps us to let go of any negative thoughts or images we may be holding on to. Doing affirmations daily helps us to reprogram our unconscious mind.

Are you a woman who deals with low self-esteem, lack of worth, or negative body image? Here are five daily affirmations you can apply to your life. I suggest you write them on a sticky note, on your mirror, say them out loud in the mirror daily, or write them down daily. Notice how your thinking chances!

1. I can and I will

Stop saying "I can't" and start saying "I can." You can't push and drive yourself with negative thoughts. Stop being average, because when you stop being average you'll start living at your potential and reach your greatness. You're a survivor, not a quitter. We are scared of failure and try to stay in our comfort zone. When you tell yourself you can, you are enabling your potential. When you tell yourself you will, you are taking responsibility for your action.

2. I am enough

Sometimes we struggle with our own value and it can make us feel inadequate, whether it's in a relationship, at work, or in school. All my life I've questioned if I was enough. At home, I would try to impress my family by getting good grades, but still, they didn't notice.

In relationships, I would try to take the extra mile and still felt like my effort wasn't being noticed. At that point, I realized it wasn't them, it was me. I have to put myself before others and stop waiting for acceptance from others because it probably was never going to happen. To start feeling like you are enough, you have to start with yourself.

3. I love and respect my body

For those who may battle with self-image, I'm there with you. It's hard to love your body when you are constantly seeing images of what women are "supposed to look like" on Instagram and television. Hating your body won't change the way you look or help you achieve your nutrition and health goals. I encourage you to stop body shaming yourself and incorporate positive affirmations and see how your body image changes.

4. I am capable of love, loving, and being loved


Most of us may lose this feeling after a heart-break. What makes us feel this way? Honestly, after my last relationship, I was afraid I wasn't going to love again or be loved. Which brings me to the fact that I didn't love myself. How can you love someone if you don't love yourself?

When you have low self-confidence, we start to become dependent on the emotions of our partner. So when my ex and I broke up, I lost that feeling of love I was yearning for. Once I started to work on my self-confidence, I began to understand what it was like to love myself. I knew what self-esteem was capable of and what my worth was. Don't let a break up make you think you aren't capable. One day you'll meet someone who gives you an abundance of love unconditionally.

5. I am encouraging of others success

Ladies we have to stop putting each other down and help build each other up! Root for all of your fellow sisters so we can make this world a better place. Let's embrace each other and support one another. This affirmation will help to build up the ones around us and ourselves.

All who read this, I'm sending love and support your way to become your happiest and healthiest self by saying these affirmations to yourself daily.

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