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5 Apps You Should NEVER Delete If You Want To Function On A Daily Basis

These apps are essential to my daily life.

5 Apps You Should NEVER Delete If You Want To Function On A Daily Basis

It's no secret that we're all connected to our phones more than we would like to admit. I can admit that I spend a lot of time on my phone. Whether I'm listening to music, testing out Snapchat filters, or scrolling through Instagram, or trying to avoid awkward situations, my phone is right there in my hand.

Recently, I went through my phone and got rid of apps I didn't use. In doing this, I also discovered that there are five apps I will never delete off of my phone. These aren't your stereotypical Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat apps, but more so the apps I use to make my life less of a hot mess. With that being said, here are the five apps that will remain on my phone forever.

1. Spotify (4.8 Stars)

Spotify Logo

Anybody who knows me, knows that I love listening to music. It's hard for me to do something without listening to music. As a matter of fact, I'm listening to Happy Without Me by Chloe x Halle and Joey Bada$ right now. Spotify is perfect for full out jam sessions, discovering new music, and making playlists.

The social aspect of the app allows you to see what your friends are listening as well as making collaborative playlists. This is hands down the most used app on my phone and I would not be able to function without it.

2. Waze (4.8 Stars)

Waze Logo

In my opinion, Waze is hands down the best navigation app out there. From my own personal experience as well many other reviews, Waze reigns supreme in getting users to their destination using the quickest route. This navigation app also alerts of you accidents, hazardous roads conditions, and police in the area.

I would be lying if I said I wasn't a speed demon, so the speeding alerts are a huge help. My favorite feature of Waze is that you can connect your Spotify to it, so everything is on one screen. I would quite literally be lost without this app. As my friends and I always say, "Waze is the way."

3. Venmo (4.9 Stars) and Cash App (4.6 Stars)

Venmo vs. Cashapp

These two apps make it easy to send money to your friends without the hassle of keep tracking of who owes who. With the click of a button, you can instantly send money to your friends and family. You can name the transaction so people know exactly why you're sending them money, or you can use something witty and leave people wondering.

I prefer to use Cash App because it seems to be more private, and I'm a private person. There isn't a social feed so people can't see how much money you're sending to people and the reason behind the transaction.

4. GroupMe (4.7 Stars)

GroupMe Logo

Whether it's a group project, or a student org, GroupMe is the easiest platform to use when creating a group chat. As long as the members have the app downloaded, messages are delivered instantly regardless of the type of phone each member has. Three of the most useful features of this app are: creating polls, liking messages, and muting messages. If you've made it through college without being thrown into multiple GroupMe chats, I would just like to know how you escaped them.

5. Quizlet (4.3 Stars)

Quizlet Logo

Handwriting flashcards can be tedious and so can carrying them around and keeping them organized. With Quizlet, you can have all your flashcards right in your pocket. Being able to study on the go is so convenient. This app has saved my GPA so many times. On exam days, you can catch me walking to class scrolling through these flashcards on my phone. My favorite thing about Quizlet is that you can make your flash card sets public and help out your fellow students.

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