The Importance Of Perseverance

The Importance Of Perseverance


La Sagrada Familia has been in construction for over 133 years. A baby requires 9 month of uterine environment for optimal health. The carbon cycle can take millions of years before completing one sequence. All this in mind, It amazes me that people still believe change can happen overnight.

Processes necessitate time for completion and precision. We must understand that the things that we desire will need fighting for and endless effort. In order for us to accomplish our aspirations, we must comprehend the importance of perseverance.

Perseverance means fighting through, past your comfort zone. It means not giving up when the task reaches a difficulty level you did not believe it would. Perseverance encompasses what it is to fight until the end of something; to finally reach completion.

It is easy to give up when times get hard. However, persevering through something builds character. It is a form of testing yourself to see how far you can go. Your strength is demonstrated. Also, you can prove to yourself your capability. Once you actually do reach your goals, the sense of accomplishment is empowering. Completing a simple task makes you content, but when you fight through the obstacles and put in all your effort, you encounter a feeling of pride.

People who have a mindset of always persevering simply go farther in life. I will always say that I rather a person to be hard working than naturally intelligent. The reason for this is because a hard worker not only can achieve all his goals, even if a lot of time will be invested, but will also understand the struggles and dedication that it takes to succeed. At the same time, a person who is naturally intelligent or talented is mostly handed their success. They do not understand the work that it takes to accomplish goals that require more than minimal effort, so they are not as appreciative of success.

This is not to say that natural talent is not amazing. Also, it does not mean that the success of these people is not valid. It truly is. What am I saying is that the people who have to work harder for their success have a higher sense of appreciation.

When encountered with difficult situations, we often tend to believe we are not good enough to accomplish them. We obliviously believe that there are other people meant to complete those objectives. It is hard to see past the front that everyone puts up. We see other people’s success, but we do not see the hard work and dedication that they invest into it. We must understand that just as it is difficult for us to accomplish our most demanding goals, it can also be as difficult for others to do. We must remind ourselves not to tear ourselves down and put others on a pedestal. What we see is what others allow us to see, so we have to understand that the journey to where we want to end up is not as attractive as it seems.

My mother and father always tell me that I will be able to be and do whatever I want in my life because my passion and drive make me a person that will do to end of the world to follow my dreams. Not giving up is as important as starting up an objective. Perseverance is the only way to success, so we have to make sure to see past the hard times and keep our goals in mind.

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To All Of The Fat Womxn And Big, Beautiful Femmes Out There

You're beautiful, no matter what they say.

I am fat.

I have been fat since middle school.

But you know what? I am also beautiful. I am cute and sexy and radiant and gorgeous and confident and lovely and so much more.

While being a beautiful and fat femme might seem contradictory, it really isn’t; you can be both. Sadly, society still excludes fat womxn and femmes (especially fat womxn and femmes of color) from the standard narrative of what ‘should’ be considered beautiful, which is not only incorrect but also harmful.

On that same unfortunate note, so much of our self-worth can be tied to what others believe and say about us, not what we think about ourselves. Self-love isn’t something that fat womxn and femmes are allowed to feel, principally toward our physical bodies. In a world in which female-identifying people are already constantly pressured and judged for their appearance, it becomes even tougher for those not within the ‘average’ size.

Body positivity for fat femmes is constantly bombarded with hate. People comment how because these people are comfortable and confident in their own skin, they’re promoting unhealthy lifestyles.

This, however, couldn’t be any further from the truth. Fat people can, shockingly enough, be healthy. There are a myriad of reasons why they are fat, and firstly, you can’t always tell why, and secondly, fat people shouldn’t have to constantly give out this very personal information to literally justify to others why they exist as they are.

Fat people, by sharing their personal journeys to better caring for and about themselves, are being healthy. Self-love is healthy. When you love yourself, your perspective on life changes - your thoughts about you and others become more positive, and you feel happier and healthier.

Hating yourself or others is so much more mentally and emotionally exhausting than showing your love. Hate becomes such a burden, one that can be hard to shake, that it becomes considerably more unhealthy than the ‘unhealthy lifestyle’ that people assume fat and self-loving, self-confident people are ‘promoting.’

I am proud to call myself fat. I am proud to call myself beautiful. I am proud to call myself fat and beautiful.

Fat is no longer a negative word to me. I know I am fat, but I try not to let that define whether or not I feel good about and especially whether or not I take care of myself in a healthy way. If someone says or thinks that I’m fat, so be it. Again, I am fat. However, I am learning not to associate fatness with ugliness; there are stunning fat womxn and femmes everywhere, and it’s time to recognize that this old, sexist, fatphobic paradigm is wrong.

Before I conclude, I want to turn my attention to all of the other fat womxn and femmes out there:

If you’re reading this and in case no one has told you this today: you are beautiful.

If you have thick thighs, you are beautiful. If you have wide hips, you are beautiful. If you have a large butt, you are beautiful. If you have a soft belly, you are beautiful. If you have a saggy chest, you are beautiful. If you have big arms, you are beautiful. If you have a double chin and chubby cheeks, you are beautiful.

If you have plump ankles and wrists, cellulite, stretch marks, and/or anything else you feel self-conscious about, you are beautiful.

You may not feel this way now, but please, tell this to yourself every day. You will start to believe it the more you say it, and one day, you won’t even have to consciously do this. You will become confident, happy, motivated, and comfortable with the ornate, unique, and breathtaking temple you inhabit, and it will benefit you greatly.

From one fat femme to another, yes, you are beautiful.

Cover Image Credit: Image by Tiffany Bailey via

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36 Thoughts I Had Prepping For A Bikini Competition

Many of these thoughts happened in one day... Multiple times a day.

I am competing in my first fitness competition soon, and let me tell you, it has not been easy. These athletes are no joke. From cutting down calories to controlling cravings to insane workout regimens, these past 8 weeks have not been easy. I am nowhere that I wanted to be at, figure wise, but, this just motivates me for the future. Enjoy some of my daily thoughts during this prep period.

1. I got this.

2. That suit costs how much?!

3. Wow, I really want a burger

4. I want chocolate.

5. I want a donut.

6. I NEED coffee!

7. I don't think I can eat healthy for 8 weeks

8. You're supposed to spray tan nude?

9. How many days out am I?

10. Do I have to do cardio today?

11. I need a nap.

12. How TF do I pose?

13. How is my body supposed to bend that way when I pose?

14. Wow, she has a really nice butt.

15. She's my competition?!

16. I can only have 1200 calories today, that means I have 200 left and it's... 2 p.m.

17. I'm going to be so cranky near the end of this.

18. How dark am I going to be when I get a spray tan?

19. Wow... that's dark.

20. I need to cut down on carbs.

21. Literally, everything I eat has carbs.

22. I love carbs.

23. I wonder what my boyfriend will think when I compete.

24. I wonder what my parents will think...

25. Am I crazy for doing this?

26. Don't answer that.

27. My butt is going to be exposed to so many people.

28. What is a macro?

29. Is there an app for tracking that?

30. Woah, there actually is.

31. Am I done with this yet?

32. I already know what I'm going to eat after the show.

33. Is it show day yet?

34. Can I eat yet?

35. I'm never doing this again.

36. I really want to do this again.

Cover Image Credit: 123rf

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