10 Things I Want To Thank My "Chosen Family" For
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10 Things I Want To Thank My "Chosen Family" For

You love and accept me for who I truly genuinely am, and you never make me feel like I should be anything but myself. I drive you crazy sometimes, but end of the day I know you really do love me.

10 Things I Want To Thank My "Chosen Family" For
Kinga Cichewicz
They say in life all you need are a few close friends, and I've found that to be true. I love my family dearly, and as I've moved out and into my adult life I've realized just how important it is to also have a chosen family. I am beyond blessed to have a few incredible people in my life I call not just my best friends, but my family. Here's to my chosen family, here's just a few reasons why I love you so much…

1. You know you're not just my best friends, but my family 

You know my past and that I am lucky to have a loving and supportive family that I love, but you know that I consider you to be not just my best friends but my family as well. You know I don't let a lot of people in on a close level, but once I do I'm fiercely loyal and I'd do anything for you.

2. You love me for who I truly am 

You love and accept me for who I truly genuinely am, and you never make me feel like I should be anything but myself. I drive you crazy sometimes, but end of the day I know you really do love me. You have given me so much confidence and support in who I am, and helped me feel secure and love who I am. I have had my battles with myself over the years, and right now I've truly never felt more content and happy with who I am.

3. You make me feel like I am really a part of the LGBTQ+ Community 

I never felt like a big part of the LGBTQ community. Now, I'm beyond lucky to have a solid family of friends who are so open and supportive like you all, and the fact that so many of you are gay guys just happens to have me constantly immersed in gay culture. (PSA if you thought your girlfriends were sassy, try having a group of gay guys in your chosen family….) that being said you also provide me with endless entertainment, make me laugh until I cry, and constantly teach me how to improve my skincare and style.

4. You push me to be better

You are always blunt with me and don't tell me what I want to hear, but tell me what I need to hear. I absolutely hate you for that sometimes, but then once I think about it, I know you're right. A good friend will support your decisions, but your family will tell you when you need a reality check. Thank you for making me think.

5. You keep me safe

When we go out, I always have so much fun and never have to worry. I know that we all take turns being the "parent" and making sure we all have safe ways home, stay hydrated, and don't do anything stupid. I used to be a bit paranoid when going out, but when we go out I know I am safe. Friends go out with you, but family gets you home safe and has brunch with you the next day.

6. You are my biggest cheerleaders

One thing we all are good at is hyping each other up, even over the little things. You paid some of your bills BEFORE the due date?? YES GIRL. You actually cooked dinner for us instead of getting chipotle? A QUEEN. You got that promotion at work? SO PROUD. You passed your test? I KNEW YOU WOULD. I love that we're so supportive, because it's truly little victories that will get us where we want to be in life. It's not always the big picture, thank you for loving my little wins.

7. You all love and value your relationships with your families, no matter what. 

It's hard to find genuine people who truly love and care. I love knowing that you all value and respect your families and while you might not always see eye to eye with them, you show me a lot by how you interact with your families. I love that your families also always welcome me over and include me in anything going on. Family is so important, and I love seeing that it's important to you too.

8. You're always there for me 

When things are hard, you are always there. No matter what is going on, I know I can turn to each of you for different kinds of support. Any circumstance, I know I have covered. We're all so different but work so well together. I know who to turn to when I need to hear it like it is, or when I need a motivational talk, or the best hug in the world, or to laugh until I cry again, or who would just cuddle and watch Netflix with me when I'm upset. Thank you all for being so perfect in your own ways.

9. You can make literally anything an adventure

I love that I've found people who make everything fun. Grocery shopping, running errands, renting a uhual and helping me move furniture, cooking dinner, studying, etc. etc. I know we can do anything and turn it into an adventure. There is never a dull moment with you in my life.

10. You are all my home

Nothing in life is ever permanent or guaranteed. I know that some of us may drift apart, but I also know that if you ever needed me years down the line and called me, I would be there in a heartbeat and vice versa. People come and go from your life for reasons. People say home isn't a place though, and I didn't understand that before. I honestly can say that being around all of you makes me feel like I'm home. Thank you for giving me that.

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