As a college student, it's hard not to put stress on your body.

I've done it, I'm sure you have done it, and I can bet almost anyone else you'd ask has done it too. As times change and we become a culture full of comparison and competition, we may feel subpar if we're not taking on as many tasks as the person next to us.

But, the truth is that this makes us put so much unnecessary pressure on our bodies.

And that's where the problem arises. We take the perfectly healthy and able bodies we have for granted when we're able to do so much, but I urge you to take a step back now and thank your body for putting up with you. Here is why I have chosen to do just that.

I have always naturally been hard on myself.

I'm one to look at the girl next to me, and if it appears like she is doing something that I'm not, I'll aim to take on more. I run nearly every day as a retired high school track and field athlete, but I pile on loads of classes and extracurriculars too. Therefore, I often skip out on sleep or healthy eating habits in favor of completing more tasks.

And up until recently, I always had the mindset that I'd just take on more until it backfires on me. And to be honest, I never thought it would come to that point. But, three weeks ago, it did! Surprise! I tested positive for mono.

It was like my worst nightmare come true.

The doctor told me I would not be able to run for nearly a month, and that I had to just rest for that time. For those that know me well, they know that resting is not something I'm good at. I am always out and about, and rarely ever napping or giving myself a Netflix break.

So, naturally, I assumed the doctor was wrong. I aimed to continue to complete all of my daily tasks for the next two days. There was nothing that will ever compare to what I felt next. I was WIPED. And that's when I realized, the only way I'll get better from this (and deal with any stress I'm experiencing in the future) is to give myself that break, and listen to my body.

After this, I went home for a full week and did just what the doctor said, rested! I had not laid down and watched Netflix and slept like that in god knows how long. It was so different for me, but I quickly developed a liking for the lifestyle I was experiencing. I was finally able to have time to slow down and go over my thoughts and relax.

And ultimately, I developed an appreciation for my body like no other.

There is no reason for me to beat up my body as I had been when relaxing will even make me feel better.

But, the most important point I mean to manifest here is, I was not giving myself that break. I took my perfectly healthy body for granted until I really pushed myself into a wall.

So, that's why I've finally committed to giving my body the appreciation it needs. On days when I am healthy, I feel so blessed to wake up with legs that walk properly, with arms that move naturally, and with a working brain and head on my shoulders. And, you should too!

The human body is something amazing, and it should not be taken for granted because of that. So, if you are healthy, please, always take that time out of your day to appreciate what you have!