Things You Think While You're Trying To Sleep
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21 Thoughts That Barge Into Your Mind, But Only When You're Trying To Fall Asleep

"Why did I ever like *insert name here*"?

21 Thoughts That Barge Into Your Mind, But Only When You're Trying To Fall Asleep
Hannah Blanton

For some reason, your mind is never ready to fall asleep when your body is which leads to the wandering thoughts that ~eventually~ get you that blissful nights' rest.

"Why did I ever like *insert name here*?

This question actually comes across my mind a lot because I love to relive my most embarrassing crushes and middle school boyfriends 24/7.

Ha, thanks brain, love you too.

"I wonder if my professor actually cares & looks over my work"

There are times in college that I get a grade back and I'm just like...did I really get that?

I even think to myself "If my professor actually read my entire report, he would realize that I definitely don't deserve this grade. BUT I WILL TAKE IT!"

TA's are actually famous for this but you know, it just makes me love them more...sometimes.

"I can't believe I did *insert whatever embarrassing thing here*" 

Ah, yes, my favorite way of falling asleep — reliving every little embarrassing moment that I've done in my past twenty years of life.

"I wonder if dogs love me as much as I love them" 

Grant it, this kind of love is a whole different level but I would like to think that my dogs would die for me as I would die for them.

Or at least kill a snake for me.

"I wonder if my dog remembers that time that I stepped on his paw." 

Well, now I feel like crap and will continue to think of all the bad things that I've done in my short lifetime.

"Wow, I am a horrible person." 

This leads me down the rabbit hole of every little thing that I should have done differently so that I could have been nicer/better to other people in my life.

Plot twist — I'm really not a horrible person

"I wonder if I'll be ugly when I'm old."

You know those Activia commercials come on and Jamie Lee Curtis is telling you all about how it's turned her life and her stomach around? And you can't help but notice how great she looks even though she's nearly 60?

Or the fact that Ellen DeGeneres just turned 60 this year and you would have never guessed that she was that old because she looks so great and is so beautiful?

Yeah, I have a feeling that I won't be that blessed.

"Do dogs see beauty in people?" 

See, I think dogs are just all-around fantastic because I really don't think they see physical beauty in people.

But you know, at night, when I'm trying to fall asleep, there's that little tug of "What if they do see beauty in people and that's why some dogs don't like me?" and then I find myself down another rabbit hole.

I'm pretty sure I would want to live under a rock if a dog thought I was ugly.

"I wish animals could actually talk to us."

I wonder what they would say? I wonder what my dogs would tell me? That they love me? That they hate their food?

But maybe I wouldn't love dogs as much as I do now if they all of the sudden started talking to me because, let's face it, that's why I don't like most humans.

"How'd they come up with coffee?"

Like who actually thinks about grounding up a bean that they find in the wild and mixing it with water?

More importantly, how do you come up with a name like "coffee"?

See, this is why I would not have survived back in the Hunter-Gather period.

"Why exactly is the sky blue?"

I used to ask my mom this and she would always tell me "Because that's how God wanted it" and while that is a fair enough answer, I legit want a real answer.

Like why blue? Why not yellow or green or red? Just why the singular color of blue?

"I can't believe I yelled at my little brother that one time" 

Let's face it, I've yelled at him more than once but there are a couple of times that I look back on and I'm just like "You horrible sister, why on earth did you do that?"

Yes, thank you brain for allowing me to, again, feel like crap.

"Maybe I should look nice tomorrow"

I have this tendency to wear sweatpants more than I wear anything else and while it's comfortable, it's definitely not fashionable.

So, at night, while I'm trying to quiet down, I try to think of simple yet cute outfits that I could wear the next day. I'll even figure out a handful of choices for me to try for the entire week and feel pretty accomplished right before I fall asleep.

The next morning? You bet your booty that I'm in sweatpants.

"Jeez, I should really start studying on a more regular basis."

Despite being a junior in college, my brain loves to think that I can still get by like I used to in high school.

Of course, this hits me like a train while I'm trying to fall asleep so then I begin to devise a strategic study schedule in my head while staring at the ceiling.

I usually fall asleep mid-plan and never finish it and, you guessed it, my study habits don't change.

"Why did I ever think I was fat in high school?"

I feel like this is something everyone goes through when going through life and it's valid.

Everything is changing and you come across a Facebook memory of you back in high school and you're like "Whoa, who is that hotty with a body?"

Way to go. Now I'm overtired, self-conscious, and feeling like crap.

"I wonder how *insert name here* is doing." 

I used to be close with a lot of people back in high school but as most people know, once you move away, you lose contact with most of your graduating class.

But this is a huge rabbit hole that my brain loves to go down because as soon as I start wondering how someone is doing, I begin to wonder how different my life would be if we had remained friends and so on.

"I wonder if cats really think humans are their slaves?" 

You know how they look at you? You could probably die of a heart attack and they would walk over your dead body without batting an eyelash.

I love my two cats but there are definitely times that I catch them looking at me as if to say "Psh, you human, I don't even need you."

"Why are cats less cuddly than dogs?" 

I know they are the complete opposite and despite one another but I don't understand how a cat can be curled up in your lap one moment and then want nothing to do with you the next.

My dog would stay in my lap all day if I let her but my cat? No way

"Why are cats and dogs born enemies?" 

How can such amazing creatures hate each other? My dogs despise cats completely and my cats could care less about my dogs.

I just don't understand it.

Why can't we all be friends?

"Wow, I really love animals." 

Sometimes I'm really thrown off of how much I love animals and how much I would give them.

This is probably the best way I could fall asleep — thinking about all the animals in the world that I love and would love to cuddle with.

"How deep is the ocean actually?" 

OK, so if you've seen the movie "The Meg," this is a valid question, right?

Like there's a surface at the "bottom" that looks like the sea floor but actually it's not and there's a whole different floor underneath.

So, my question is, how deep is the ocean actually?

Also, I'm not sure that I want to know this answer because knowing the ocean is whatever depth is slightly terrifying.

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