The Importance Of Having A Creative Outlet

Maybe you're a biochem major who doesn't know the first thing about a piano and hasn't touched a paintbrush since your elementary school art class. Maybe you've always classified yourself as "left-brained," or you've dismissed any artsy or creative activities because you "never really got into that stuff."

Well, guess what? Art isn't just for the artsy — it's for everyone and anyone. In all its forms, creative expression is a unique human experience, and to take part is healthy and fulfilling, regardless of — and especially because of — your background or level of expertise. The awesome part is that every individual finds a different outlet most beneficial and meaningful!

Some questions to consider: What do you do when you're angry? When you're stressed? Confused? What about when you feel on top of the world, or overwhelmed with feelings of love? All these times (and more) are when you could utilize your personal creative outlet. Your form of expression can provide a break from the stress and anxiety of life, transform some confusing or depressing thoughts into a positive product, or help you create something tangible and memorable from your positive thoughts.

Whether it's music, writing, or gardening, your creative outlet will help you CREATE something special and meaningful from your experiences and really express yourself. In our culture of consumption — of news, media, gossip, and more find something to produce, to invent, to contribute.

This week or this month, take some time figuring out what form of outlet makes you feel most alive and most like yourself. You don't have to be the next Picasso. Just be you, grab a camera, a pencil, or some scrapbook paper, and see what awesome results can come from your expression.

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