If I had a dollar for every time someone told me to smile, I would never have to work again. If looks could kill I might end up being responsible for casualties on a large scale. But anyone that knows me knows that I love to laugh and that I do, in fact, smile. However, my laughter and smile cannot be forced. I’m friendly, respectful and a delightful conversationalist (oh, I'm super humble also), but my face naturally gives off the vibe that if you approach me I might cut you for breathing.

Though this is a condition I have dealt with my whole life (see 7th grade school picture), in recent years the term resting b*tch face or "RBF" has been used to describe it. There have even been scientific studies on this phenomenon. But as with most things, I find it more productive to look at the positives. After all, I should not be held responsible for the impact my neutral facial expression has on the world.

Without further adieu, here are five reasons I am choosing to love my RBF.

1. I am less susceptible to wrinkles.

Move over anti-wrinkle creams, we've found the key to maintaining youthful skin and it's free.

2. People don't know When I am judging them.

You can say that you don’t judge all day long, but we all do it. Everyone makes initial judgments about people; it's human nature. The difference is what you choose to do with that judgment and the conclusions you allow yourself or society to draw from and attach to it. Some people were just born with a built-in way of concealing their judgment because we look like we're judging everyone anyway. *snaps fingers in "Z" formation*

3. People have to try harder to get to know me.

You can choose to run in fear, bow down or if you're lucky, have a casual conversation.

4. My game face is my only face.

Ready for anything.

5. Strangers don't interact with me.

The most fascinating people you know were strangers to you at some point, but I know that I am not alone in my dislike of certain interactions with people I don't know. By the way, do I need to mention getting hit on by sloppy drunk guys?

From politicians, activists, artists and celebrities to the woman who works at the post office, RBF doesn’t discriminate. Billions of women (and men) of all ages are affected (that's a made-up statistic — I don't actually know how many people suffer from RBF nor is there scientific evidence...). Hopefully, if you suffer from this condition these tips will help you start to own your RBF too.