I'm no Longer Holding Back that I'm a Trump Supporter
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I'm no Longer Holding Back that I'm a Trump Supporter

We need to make America great again.

I'm no Longer Holding Back that I'm a Trump Supporter
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In the days that have passed since Hillary Clinton got away with committing crimes by using her private email servers, I’ve come to realize something. I’ve been holding back that I’m a Trump supporter, but I shouldn’t. Just like I know I have no right to criticize someone who’s a Clinton or a Sanders supporter, nobody has any right to criticize me for supporting Donald Trump.

Shortly after FBI Director James Comey said he didn’t see a reason to indict Hillary, I posted a status on my social media that read, “I'll vote Trump in a heartbeat if it means getting Hillary Clinton out of my face.” A little while after I posted that, one of my friends whom I don’t get to talk to much anymore said my status was everything to her, and then it clicked. No one should feel the need to hold back how they feel about anything. So here I am now, no longer afraid, telling the world why I’m a Donald supporter.

Do I know that not everything he wants to do is rational or possible? Yes. I’m a political science major interning in a congressional office. I get that. Building walls and completely banning certain groups of people all together isn’t rational or possible. But, with Donald Trump, it’s not so much the policy rhetoric he’s bringing to the table, but it’s the boldness and the bravado I think this country needs.

For eight years, America’s had a president that hasn’t done much but flit off to Hawaii to go golfing as soon as he starts feeling he might be getting overwhelmed. He’s brushed everything off his shoulders and under the rug. I feel it’s time for change, which is funny, considering that was his campaign tagline both times he ran for office.

We need someone strong, bold, unafraid and honest. That means we don’t need someone like Hillary Clinton, who lied so many times and said she never sent or received emails containing classified information. That lie has been proven wrong. That leaves one person, since a write-in vote will most likely turn into a vote for Clinton with people as manipulative as the Clintons are.

We need Donald Trump. He’s not afraid to say what he’s thinking and, ultimately, what we need to hear. We might not want to hear it, but there’s a difference between want and need. And with the way Trump tells it like it is, we don’t have to worry about him keeping secrets or lying to the American people. He is straightforward and doesn’t put with games from anyone — and that’s what we need, because this country needs to get some things straightened out. Hillary will lie and beat around the bush to the point where there’s no bush there anymore, but we don’t have to worry about that with Trump. How nice does it sound to have a president that would actually get things done?

I know I’m not going to change everyone’s minds and that some people reading this are furious, but it’s my opinion. And I’m not going to apologize for it anymore. I’m an American person who has just as much of a right to have an opinion the same as anybody else.

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