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If there is one thing in this world that I need to always remember, it's that change is inevitable. My life will never be exactly the same as it was yesterday, or a month ago. I have to remember my comfort zones aren't permanent and they never should be either.

There have been situations in my life that have completely thrown me out of my comfort zone and into a brand new hell itself. There are particular moments of time in my life where I have felt so content and used to the same routine that I could go back there right this minute and feel perfectly happy with it. However, that's impossible and if it was, would I really WANT to go back?

I am the type of person who thinks that, as long as things remain the same (i.e. work, school, daily routine and bills), then nothing can really be bad. I am happy living the same life every single day, driving the same car for five years, wearing the same clothes, using the same conditioner on the same haircut... but I don't WANT to live that way. I want to have adventure, I want to try new things, I want to dye my hair bright colors, I want to switch jobs here and there, I want to wear the clothes I admire on other people and I want to travel. My problem is, what if I don't like it? Well... recently I learned that "what if" are not words to live by anymore.

I stepped into a job recently that I absolutely love, and that allows me to be whoever it is that I am. This is something I have never been able to do. I've never been able to wake up in the morning not worried if my work uniform is cleaned, not worried if my nails were perfect and my polish wasn't chipped, and not worried about what time I would get out of there. It has taken a lot of worry off my mind and has given me more time to step out of my comfort zones. It has given me the opportunity to do EXACTLY what I want with myself.

So, from now on...I'm going to be figuring out what works for me, what feels good on me, what MAKES me feel good, what I want to do, where I want to go and everything else that will create the me I've always wanted to find. If I lose people on the way, that's their problem not mine because when I find her, she is going to be surrounded by people who don't care if she's blue or green, or up or down. She'll have everything.

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