You had the perfect girl. You had a relationship many would dream of. But for some reason, you chose life on your own instead of the one you were making together. You chose to let the girl that would’ve given up the sun and stars for you go. You, my dear boy, left the women who loved you, cherished you and respected you for the man you were. It didn’t matter that you weren’t sure what you wanted to do with your life yet, who you wanted to become, or where you wanted to go. Her joy was found through the journey of experiencing life together. The trials and hardships were worth it to her; she was in for the long haul. You had the perfect girl, and you let her go.

Relationships will never have perfect timing. Sometimes, you’ll have to juggle school, careers and your significant other. Excuses about time, focus and not knowing where you’ll be next year are never reasons to bail. You might have been hurt before, and it is understandable that you have a hard time letting go and falling hard. But here’s the thing, there will never be a perfect moment, or a right time to fall in love. In all reality, it is when you’re least expecting it, and you’re facing hardship and chaos, that makes having a loved one around most rewarding.

They say you’ll love more than one man in your lifetime. And I have. But the difference is the love that is all-consuming. It’s the love that makes fighting, crying and sleepless nights worth it. It is the relationships that make it hard to breathe when your partner is around and boring when they’re not that are worth fighting for.

It’s so hard to understand why you wouldn’t want to give it a go. No matter how “busy” your life is or that you might not be in the same job or place next year, take the chance. Make it work, or know that even if it is not the right time, it does not mean that she is not the right girl. Time will not always be on your side. So you let her go. You focused on your career and got the dream job, but who do you want to share that news with? There are always second chances and opportunities to get that perfect girl back.

That dream girl that you couldn’t “commit to” because the timing “wasn’t right,” she isn’t going to wait for you. She is working her butt off for that same dream job and is looking for someone to be her other half. She’s ready to love and build a life with you. My advice? Once you find her, don’t let her go, or be prepared for the fact that she might not wait forever. That girl that will love with all her heart? She’s looking for a man to love and cherish her the way she deserves. She has a giving and loving heart and wants to be made to feel as beautiful as she is, inside and out. That girl wants you to fight for her, and be honest and faithful. She doesn’t need much, mostly, she’d be happy with cuddles and food. In all, she just wants to feel worthy and beautiful, something that is reflected in the eyes of someone who truly adores her.

Why live life regretting what could have been? Why choose heartache and loneliness when you have a women willing to give her all and fight for the “us” she has been praying for all her life. Stop hurting yourself and that very special women, and fight with her for that future. It doesn’t matter if you take three weeks or three years apart, fight for her, be ready to sacrifice and compromise. It doesn’t matter what has changed while you were apart, as long as your love never falters. True love knows no deadlines. True love will fight to be reunited.