If The University Of Alabama Was The Next 'Bachelorette'
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If The University Of Alabama Was The Next 'Bachelorette'

Will you accept this shaker?

If The University Of Alabama Was The Next 'Bachelorette'
Stephanie Keck

If The University of Alabama were a collegiate edition of "The Bachelorette, " many university traditions would mean entirely different things. "The Bachelorette"is one of the nation’s top reality TV shows and The University of Alabama is the greatest school in the country, so what would happen if there were to be a hybrid of the two?

First Night: Syllabus Week

Syllabus Week is the time of the year where so many students meet new people on campus. Everyone goes out together because they’re so excited to be back in Tuscaloosa — this excitement is perfect for students who are ready to meet a potential new lover.

Roses: Shakers

Shakers are an Alabama staple. Red and white streamers look beautiful across the student section – almost as beautiful as a red rose. There are enough shakers to go around that girls can get a few more if needed before the next game, or “date.”

Dates: Game Day Dates

Game Day Dates are most common freshman year, but are pretty common throughout college, especially with fraternity block seating. The couple can enjoy some fabulous Alabama football after a day of tailgating with friends. At the end of the game, if the girl thinks the boy is worthy of a second date, she’ll ask him if he’ll “accept this shaker.”

Hometown Dates: Fried Friday

Sorority houses have a little thing called Fried Friday each week in which they can bring guests to the house to enjoy a smorgasbord of every fried food imaginable. Fried Fridays is an Alabama tradition and a male that’s invited over a girl’s close friends outside of Greek life should be honored to be asked to go!

Overnight Dates: Formal

In the spring, fraternities have formals where they travel to a different city for a weekend of fun with other guys and girls. Because it’s outside of Tuscaloosa, dates typically stay in the same hotel room to save money and to keep the socializing going all night long — very similar to the overnight dates on "The Bachelorette"!

The Final Rose: Gameday Button

On game days, sorority girls wear gameday buttons displaying that "X Sorority Loves the Tide." Most sororities have stickers too for girls’ gameday dates to wear, but the official sign of a relationship is a guy wearing a gameday button — something he can wear week after week to show his allegiance to his one single love.

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The Proposal: Candlelight

If anyone knows anything about the south, it’s that ring by spring is a real thing. Oftentimes, seniors and recent grads will get engaged on the steps of Denny Chimes or Bryant Denny just an hour or two before kickoff of a big game. Sorority girls will have “Candlelight” ceremonies in their sorority houses to reveal which chapter member has a new rock on her left hand.

Combining two good things together can never go wrong. Thank you to McKenna Broadus and Conleigh Werkhaven for your contributions to this article.

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