Recently, the movie "Allegiant" was released in theaters and it is without a doubt a movie you need to see. After seeing "Divergent," "Insurgent" and "Allegiant," I've been on my toes for more, which led me to reading the books. Books are always more detailed and include explanations that the movies do not, right? So there was the road to answers for my leftover questions. There are four books in this series, meaning "Four," the last book, will be made into a movie eventually, which has my nerves jumping with excitement. All of my watching and reading has led me to wonder: What if this was real?

If the "Divergent" movies were true reality and exactly how we were forced to live our lives, which faction would you choose at the Choosing Ceremony? Which answer would the aptitude test provide for you? Do you fit in any of the factions? Each faction has a different meaning and a different path of blame towards mankind; each signifies what is "most important."

The honest, the peaceful, the brave, the intelligent and the selfless, if any, which one are you? You have five choices. Choose wisely!

Candor: the honest.

Candor revolve around their values - truth and honesty. Lying is not an option, nor an aspect that is believed in. Although always telling the truth may lead to trouble, they do not care. Candor children are taught to always speak their minds. Candor's Choosing Ceremony substance is glass, representing transparency and how the truth can be cutting. Will you choose Candor?

Amity: the peaceful.

Amity dislike war and strife of any kind. Their one blame of all evil is aggression. They believe solely in peacefulness and an agricultural way of life. Not much is said about Amity initiation. We only know that it involves picking fruit. Amity's Choosing Ceremony substance is earth, representing their love of environment. Will you choose Amity?

Dauntless: the brave.

Dauntless blame cowardice for society's issues. They believe that the only answer is to face fears through bravery. They strictly train to fight and handle weapons to prepare their bodies for any challenges. Dangerous acts are constantly committed and they are expected to do whatever is told of them. Dauntless' Choosing Ceremony substance is lit coals, representing their fiery passion. Will you choose Dauntless?

Erudite: the intelligent.

Erudite hold responsible human nature for the flaws of society. They are known for their intelligence and knowledge of the world. They wish to eliminate ignorance and darkness. These people usually end up being teachers, scientists, librarians and doctors. Erudite's Choosing Ceremony substance is water, symbolizing their desire for clarity. Will you choose Erudite?

Abnegation: the selfless.

Abnegation believe that selfishness is the reason for humanity's errors. They wish to eliminate all selfishness by only being and enforcing selflessness. Their lives are devoted to serving others. Abnegation's Choosing Ceremony substance is a pile of grey stones, representing simplicity. Will you choose Abnegation?

We are all Divergent.

"I want to be brave and I want to be selfless, intelligent and honest, and kind." -Four

The truth is, we are all Divergent.

We have a choice in our minds of which faction we'd choose if this was our reality. Thankfully, we don't have to and that's the pure glory of it. We accept the concept of Divergent in our world. Humanity has its flaws, but beneath the skin, we all have honesty, peace, bravery, intelligence and selflessness. We are Divergent.

One quality may outweigh another, but that doesn't define who we are. No one is perfect. We do not have 20 percent of each faction within us, but we do have them circling our minds and bodies.

We are not one thing. We are not only honest. We are not only peaceful. We are not only brave. We are not only intelligent. We are not only selfless. We are all of the above. Humanity contains flaws, but the flaws make us imperfectly perfect. They make us Divergent.

We diverge from others. We wish to take diverging paths. Divergent is good. To be Divergent is to differ from others; it is to stand out and to be your own person.