If Someone Told Me That I've Turned Into My Mother…

If Someone Told Me That I've Turned Into My Mother…

...I would take it as the highest compliment.

In so many sitcom shows, characters joke about the fact that someone is growing up to be like their parent, as if it’s a bad thing.

Well, if I grow up to be half the woman that my mom is, I will be an astounding woman.

My mom and I have always been very close. My parents always joke about the fact that, even when I was an infant and crawling around, I would cry when my mom left the room and I would try to chase after her. This has continued as I’ve grown up; when I’m home from college, I’m like her shadow.

No one understands me quite like my mother does. She is my best friend and my partner in crime. We have inside jokes and nicknames for each other. We have our own ‘song’ and television shows that we always watch together. We share everything with each other; she makes me feel like I can be openly my true self.

My mom is so strong. Not just because she manages to take care of me, my sister, and my dad. Not just because she is an amazing cook and keeps the house squeaky clean. What I respect most is that, no matter what gets thrown at her, she goes through it and comes out stronger. When her mom and dad passed away my junior year of high school, she was upset and broken, but she remained strong for the rest of us. She kept herself together and maintained her composure for our sake. She loves us so much as to battle through her own sadness.

Everyone gets sick, even my mom. But, when she gets sick, she tries so hard to push through it. She always puts her family first, even when she is not feeling her best. Honestly, I wish she would put herself first more often because she is so amazing and deserves to be feeling her best.

My mom loves us so much. She has never missed a single one of my school plays, track meets, volleyball games, or award ceremonies. She was always the mom to volunteer in class to help out with classes and parties.

Personally, I’ve put my mom through a lot. I’ve had boy problems over the years and she has always been my shoulder to cry on and the one to snap me out of acting stupidly. From the summer before my senior year of high school until my sophomore year of college, I struggled a lot with an eating disorder. My mom pushed me to get better and helped me the best that she could -- she made me sit at the table until I finished my food, she stopped me from working out. She cared for me when I clearly wasn’t caring for myself. I also suffer from anxiety. My mom has held me through panic attacks and has dealt with my constant OCD tendencies. In her own way, she tries to help me through it all.

My family has had animals since before I was born and a dog could not have a better home. She takes them for walks to get fresh air. She feeds them good food and gives them the medications that they need. She takes them to the vet whenever they need. She takes them for drives just because. She has little rituals that she does with them, like walking to the mailbox with my one dog every single day, Sedona and Zeus are her furry children and she treats them with so much love.

My mother is a loving woman who spreads happiness where she goes. She deserves respect and gives respect. She is more caring than anyone else I know. She is beautiful, intelligent, funny, and so dedicated.

Everyone tells me that my mom and I look exactly alike. If anyone ever tells me that I am like my mom personality wise, it will be the best compliment that I could possibly receive.

I love you, Mommy. A and F to I and B.

Cover Image Credit: Amanda Topolski

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Dear Dad, Thanks For Opening My Eyes

I hope you know your words, and who you are as a person, mean the world to your daughter.

Unlike most college kids on spring break, I didn't seem to have much of one. With a demanding major like mine, the grind never stops. Believe me, I knew what I was getting myself into when I enrolled in college. I love to challenge myself and keep myself busy but sometimes I too feel lost or hopeless when I'm putting in immeasurable hours of work and not seeing any progress.

And so, I paced the floor back and forth, until I plopped onto the couch. The only thing I could bring myself to do is cry and think that I'll never be able to get to my final destination in life if I can't pass those "weed-out courses." It was then instead of going to sleep or hanging out in the garage, my father decided to comfort me instead.

I got the usual from him: How was your day? What's new?

Of course,the waterworks began. It was in that moment that I told my dad how lately I've been drowning in school work, no, the college life. He responded with what I've been needing to hear for the last twenty years of my life. Truthfully, I think every person could use his advice now and forever.

Here's what he told me:

Before the break-up of Yugoslavia, my father was doing what any typical young adult would be doing with their life. He was a prospective engineering student, and just like myself, a diligent one. He mentioned the way I had been feeling lately brought him back into his old shoes.

The unimaginable happened. A brief moment in time, and my father found himself not in a classroom, but a concentration camp with other innocent men like himself. It was then he emphasized how life is cheap.

All the little things he would normally get frustrated over in college, at home, or with friends didn't even seem to matter anymore. He had to worry about his life being on the line. He had to take care of himself, yet he was also worrying if he would ever be reunited with his family. He was thinking about how he would get through another day.

The moral to his story is now forever engraved in my mind. It makes me realize my tears and uneasiness won't make changes to my life. There are bigger things to focus my time on. As much as your education should be a top priority, when you weigh it out, it's no match to you and your health overall.

Sometimes, life is going to take you through twists and turns, and you may have to make a few sacrifices (maybe with your sleep schedule or skipping out on a Friday night), but you cannot beat yourself over it each and every time. Give it a rest once in a while. You can only give it your all to a certain extent, until it starts to become an unhealthy habit, and even become an unwanted lifestyle.

Dad, I know you and mom gave up everything you had to give me a better life. You came to a foreign land with absolutely nothing, and took the opportunity to make that nothing into something. You've allowed me to have everything I've ever needed, and wanted to live a simple kind of life.

It was hard for me to understand all the advice you tried to give me before, and I never listened. Now the older I get, the more applicable your advice has been for my life. My eyes have been opened for the first time in a while, and I understand now! I push myself to do the same as you did twenty short years ago, and I hope someday I can return the favor you've given me all these years, and be just as successful and joyful as you are today.

I hope you know your words, and who you are as a person, means the world to your daughter. I am lucky that I was granted you as my role model, my sunshine at the end of the tunnel, and the best dad in the universe.

Cover Image Credit: Ermina Mulavdic

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10 Things I Have Hypocritically Done As A Parent

I'm not perfect.

I've been a step-parent for a little over a year now.

I do not have any biological children of my own, so this whole experience has been brand new. I love being a Mom. I love my kids.

While I often find myself looking at all three of them and seeing so much joy, love, and delight, there have been a lot of times when the "Do as I say, not as I do," mantra has happened. I admit it, I'm a hypocrite sometimes. I am selfish. I am human.

1. You can't have cookies, cake, dessert for breakfast! It's not healthy.

Immediately go to work and eat cookies, cake, donuts, whatever the vending machine gods have to offer me today. I'm in a hurry. I forgot my breakfast at home because you wouldn't put your shoes on quick enough. I want sugar. Sorry kids.

2. You can't eat that! It's been in the fridge too long.

Because I'm going to eat it later. It's mine. I wants it. My precious....

3. It's time for BED. NOW.

I just want to watch Game of Thrones and you're way to young for that. You need your sleep. It's a school night... or you look really tired... or I just need my fix of Tyrion saying smart-ass things while you're not in the room to repeat them.

4. Don't sit on your phone/ tablet/ computer all day. It's bad for your eyes. Go play outside.

Said from behind my own screen most times.

5. Your friends need to go home before dinner (unless they're invited).

I don't want to do the dishes. That's really all it is. There's five of us already guys, add in a more and the dishwasher, sink and bathtub are full of dishes. I will make you take dishes in with your showers and baths if I have to.

6. We're not getting McDonald's for dinner

Because I already had it for lunch. Shhhh.

7. That game doesn't work

It does, quite well, but you're not mature enough to play it, and I'm done arguing. So it'll be broken until you're 14 or 15.

8. Don't yell.


I'm really bad at this when the dogs get out. Full admission of fault. I get worried sick when the dogs are on the lam. If you're looking for the one thing that will send me into a fully panic-induced rage, it's letting my dogs escape.

9. We can't have any more animals, we're at pawpacity

We can't have any more animals because I know I'll be the one picking up after them when you get bored. Animals are great, taking care of a three-ring circus isn't my thing. One of you wants a bunny and the other wants a snake, I'll get the third one a mongoose and this whole food chain thing will work itself out.

10. The house is not a god-damned jungle gym!

But watch me do burpess in the living room and I can see where you're confused.

Cover Image Credit: Pixabay

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