Mom, I'd Be Blessed To Grow Into Even Half The Woman You Are Today

Mom, I'd Be Blessed To Grow Into Even Half The Woman You Are Today

Who says growing up to be your mother is a bad thing?

A lot of girls dread growing up because of becoming like their mother, which is in fact, inevitable. For me, becoming my mother even in just the slightest would be the best thing to ever happen to me.

When you look up the words admirable, brave, brilliant, fabulous, generous, and so on in the dictionary, you would 110% see my mothers name bright and bold.

I'm not just saying this just because she's my birthgiver but because she truly is an amazing woman. Someone who has both played the role of my mother and father growing up deserves nothing less than the world and I pray to God that one day I'll be able to give that to her.

Mommy, you have seen me at my lowest of lowest points and you have seen me at my highest of highest points and there is no way in hell I would've been able to get through half the things I've gone through without you by my side.

You have given me everything and more even when you don't have everything yourself.

Mom, you are a true definition of a selfless person.

I know raising three daughters isn't the easiest job in the world but you do/did a damn good job. I know I don't say this as often as I should but you are my biggest hero and role model and I can not believe I got so lucky with having you as my mama.

Another reason out of the million other ones I want to talk about is how incredibly brave and strong you are. Losing your own mama at such a young age I know was one of the hardest things you went through growing up, but I also know how that shaped you into the incredible woman you are today. Having to navigate your way without a motherly figure is no easy task but you have managed to make her and everyone else around you proud.

I know she is looking down at you and saying, "I know going away wasn't easy on you but you have grown into this wonderful, fearless, and perfect mother and I can not be more proud of you." You continue to make her proud with everything you do and I hope you never lose sight of that.

You are and will always be my best friend and I can't thank you enough for showing me what it means to be a woman. Learning from you is an easy thing to do when you show so much love and compassion in what you do for us. You're my rockstar.

I love you to the moon and back, mommy

With love,

your little meems ballerini

Cover Image Credit: Mya Brannan

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My Parents Are Divorced, And It's More Than Okay

Sometimes mom's and dad's fall out of love, sometimes two homes are better than one.


Growing up, every time somebody found out that my parents are divorced I would hear the same guilty, "oh, honey, I am so sorry." To which I would questioningly assure them that it was okay. I never understood why people felt so sorry for me. I never understood why my parents being happier separated than unhappy together seemed like such a bad thing. But, now I do.

Growing up, I could never quite figure out how someone could feel sorry for the little curly haired girl who got two Christmas mornings, two Thanksgiving dinners, and double the birthday presents. But, now I do.

Growing up, I watched people's jaws drop in amazement when I tell them about my not-so-broken family. When I tell them that my parents, who have been divorced for almost two decades, are actually friends. When I tell them that my little brothers, who have two completely different sets of parents from each other, are best friends, because of the amount of time they spend with each other. When I tell them that my mom still considers my dad's sister, her sister. When I tell them that my Mom's parents still ask about how my dad is every single time I see them. When I tell them that my Dad's parents still hug my mom every time she runs into them in public. I never understood what was so unusual about this. But, now I do.

I grew up splitting my time evenly between my parents. I never endured the "weekends at dad's" or the "it's mom's Christmas." I grew up watching my mom mow the yard, and take out the trash and practice throwing the football with my little brothers. I watched my dad cook, and clean, and play Barbies with me. I grew up with two single parents who I've watched work so incredibly hard for everything they have. I never understood how unusual this was. But, now I do.

Growing up, I got to look out in the crowd at every dance recital and see my parents sitting next to each other. I got to watch my parents hug at my graduation and through the tears whisper, "we did it." Every college visit, every prom, and every chorus concert you were there, together. I never used to fully appreciate how amazing this was. But, now I do.

It took until I was grown up to realize that not all divorced parents are as amazing as mine, and I could thank my parents every single day and it would never be enough.

I used to think that I just simply got lucky. But, now, I see that it's so much more than luck. It took effort and so, so much love from each of you to let me grow up and be able to write an article about how easy your divorce was on me.

So, thanks, mom and dad.

You guys showed me maturity. You guys showed me stability. You guys showed me what it means to do anything for your children.

You guys showed me that "home" isn't always found in four walls and a roof, but instead, home is found in the arms of the two people who love you more than anyone else on this planet.

So, maybe I do technically come from a "broken family," but somehow, because of you guys, this big, loving, crazy family doesn't seem broken to me at all.

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