Growing up, many of us were Disney fans. If you were anything like me, you loved the classics. Mickey's Once Upon A Christmas, A Goofy Movie, The Three Musketeers, ect. I grew up with Mickey and the Gang (Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, and Pluto), but now... I'm a college student and they're still just the same, I grew up - but they didn't.

Now you're probably thinking what I'm thinking.... what if they had gone to college, too?

Mickey Mouse - The Dream Guy

Mickey carries on his status of being a good friend on into his college career. He's always down to ruffle up some mischief, but he's also that guy that never seems to get caught. His sense of humor and devotion to the people he loves accompanied by his ability to be professional when needed Mickey is definitely the guy to take home to meet the parents.

Minnie Mouse - The Sweetheart

Minnie is the friend everyone wants to have, especially in college. She is sweet to the core, and she loves her friends and family more than most could ever say. Minnie is the one all of her friends come to after a one-night-stand or a failing test grade. Although her kindness and trusting nature tend to cause others to take advantage of her, she never lets the things others do change who she is as a person.

Donald Duck - The Bad Boy

Donald is the guy that every bad-boy loving college girl is completely crazy about. He's the guy you hear bragging about his new truck or showing his arrogance in the back of the classroom. He's the first one to question grades on tests that he didn't study for, which sometimes causes him to let his uncontrollable temper loose. Professors see him as a problem student, but the ladies just can't get enough of him.

Daisy Duck - The Diva

Daisy is always dressed to impress whether she be on her way to English class or heading out for a night on the town. She's the first one to know about any pre-game and is definitely the type to date the bad-boys. Daisy is the girl who tries her best to change him and his temper, but she'll probably never learn.

Goofy - The Class Clown

Goofy is always making someone laugh - whether it's on purpose or by complete accident. With his klutz-like nature and his reputation for talking before he thinks - he's everyone's favorite class clown. Not even the professors can be mad, though, he's that funny!

Pluto - Everybody's Best Friend

Pluto is the most loyal guy you'll ever meet. He's the best friend you need in times of happiness and sorrow. The best part? You'll never have to friend zone him because he's in it all just for the friendship. Pluto is everyone's best friend.

Now, maybe we can all sit back and imagine the world with our favorite Disney characters sitting walking on our campus, too. After all, it's much more fun than listening to lectures.