If Bob's Burgers Characters Were College Students

While watching one of your favorite TV shows, have you ever wondered what the characters would be like if they were living in your average day-to-day life? Well, if you're a lover of Bob's Burgers, look no further.

Bob Belcher

Mad that culinary arts isn't an actual major. He spends lots of time in the dorm kitchen cooking up something good for his friends, and gets a job at the dining hall his junior year. There's a good chance he's not doing too great in his classes, but his plan is to be a restaurant manager, anyway.

Linda "Lin" Belcher

Loves to have fun and is a member of the most popular sorority. Dyed her hair blonde on a whim. She organizes pep rallies, even though they really aren't for college students, and is the first in line for every special event. She loves the random dances at the end of the semester and is all for lending an ear or giving out some motherly advice to her best friends.

Tina Belcher

So obsessed with the boy in her science class that she switched majors so she could see him outside of their gen ed courses. While she longs to fit in with her peers, she embraces her awkward personality and makes the best out of her college years.

Gene Belcher

Music major despite his parents wishes and the possibility that it will be taken away by the school. Skips class a few times a week to eat or nap. Sits in the courtyard playing instruments.

Louise Belcher

Yells at fellow students when the most minor of inconveniences occurs. Prefers to hang out with her older siblings instead of making actual friends. Refuses to take her hat off when the professor asks. Sudden outbursts of frustration when her classmates get the answer wrong. Professors don't like her.


Camps out in the dining hall, other students hate him because he eats all of the fries. Offers to fix random objects and accepts food as payment. Loves theme parties


Emotionally unstable, especially during finals week. Joined the same sorority as her sister but is constantly in her shadow.

Mr. Fischoeder

Professor that takes grades way too seriously. Never accepts late work. Threatens to fail students 24/7. Never answers emails.

Jimmy Pesto

Thinks he's popular because he's on the football team, even though they've never won a game. Takes pride in bullying random students no matter their age.

Jimmy Pesto Jr.

Would rather be dancing, but his father made him pick a "real major." Freaked out because the weird girl is in all of his classes this semester.

Andy & Ollie Pesto

Twins that live together in the dorm room, have the same major, and take all the same classes. The idea of being separate makes them cry. Afraid of Louise, but yet they seem to respect her and follow her.


Always drunk. New boyfriend every week. In the same sorority as Lin and Gayle, but never shows up to any events unless it's a party. May or may not be a stalker.


Too cool to do anything. Loud and obnoxious in class. No, she didn't fart, it was the boy next to her.


Follows Tammy's every move. Not very smart but pays a tutor. Tries to slip the professor a 20 with her exam


Gets a wrestling scholarship, hates the classes so he drops out after 2 weeks.

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