This poem was written to showcase some of the various words and phrases that make up my identity. We could all make a list like this if we really tried. I encourage all of you reading this to do just that. Write out a list, each item starting with the words I am. It doesn't have to be in any particular order, mine sure is not. Once you have completed that list to the best of your ability, count how many you came up with. I managed to write 108 different phrases that make up my identity, and I could write many more. Apply that to the billions of people that inhabit this planet. We are complex creatures with complex identities, but the one thing I am most certain of is that the only true place to find our identity is in Christ.

I am...

I am a person

I am a woman

I am tall, 5'8" to be exact

I am of a certain age

I am a singer

I am a musician

I am an actress

I am the Drama Coach

I am a student

I am a teacher

I am a football fan

I am a Steelers and WVU fan

I am a Christian

I am a member of the Church of God

I am a volunteer

I am a servant

I am a leader

I am called to Ministry

I am imperfect

I am a sinner

I am saved

I am searching

I am sarcastic

I am awkward

I am weird

I am kind

I am loving

I am funny...sometimes

I am a daughter

I am a sister

I am a niece

I am a granddaughter

I am emotional

I am empathetic

I am sympathetic

I am American

I am ridiculously pasty

I am alive

I am sanctified

I am spirit-filled

I am born-again

I am the youngest sibling

I am my parent's only daughter

I am spoiled, though not a brat

I am loved

I am beautiful in the eyes of God

I am fearfully and wonderfully made

I am more than a conqueror

I am clothed in strength and dignity

I am snarky

I am slightly crazy (the good kind)

I am redeemed

I am set free

I am forgiven

I am chosen

I am a Princess

I am a daughter of the King of Kings

I am a nerd

I am a Doctor Who fan

I am a Star Wars fan

I am stubborn

I am opinionated at times

I am a procrastinator

I am an adult...well I try to be

I am vulnerable

I am strong with Christ

I am weak alone

I am a friend

I am single...for now

I am a reader

I am a movie collector

I am girly, about certain things

I am a writer

I am a poet

I am forgiving

I am unsure at times

I am a critical thinker

I am a driver..not professionally though

I am a passenger...sometimes

I am a shoe fanatic

I am a shopper...when I have money

I am a warrior

I am a graduate

I am a fighter

I am a prayer warrior

I am a counselor

I am a worker

I am humble

I am punny...I love a good pun

I am found in Christ

I am a U.S. citizen

I am allergic to citrus

I am a person with asthma

I am breakable

I am able to be mended

I am a dreamer

I am a sleep walker and talker

I am the farthest thing from athletic

I am sensitive

I am good at hiding my emotions

I am courageous

I am bold

I am loud sometimes

I am picky...especially with food

I am all of the above and more

I am more than one thing

I am Bethany

Above is a free verse poem about identity, more specifically my identity. So many times people identify themselves with one word, but in reality we are all so much more than that. A character on the show Nashville makes a comment about how people are very complex, walking around with "entire world's inside of them." This analogy hit me kind of deep. It reminded of how complex we all are; something we all so easily forget. It can be easy to think about the complexity of ourselves, but realizing that every individual is just as complex can be hard sometimes.