20 Iconic Vines That You Can Quote Daily...Or At Least You Should Be Able To

20 Iconic Vines That You Can Quote Daily...Or At Least You Should Be Able To

Prepare yourself for Vine 2.0!

I don't know if you've heard, but one of the most important things in my life is returning: Vine. The co-founder of Vine, Dom Hoffman, has been teasing the arrival of Vine 2.0. He tweeted:

i'm going to work on a follow-up to vine. i've been feeling it myself for some time and have seen a lot of tweets, dms, etc.
i'm funding it myself as an outside project, so it doesn't interfere with the (quite exciting) work we're doing at the company, which is my first priority

I, for one, wait eagerly for the arrival of my savior. When Twitter got rid of Vine, I felt the blow. Although the vines had been going downhill as more twelve-year-olds learned how to make accounts, Vine was always a great way to de-stress and escape from the world. Even now, whenever I'm feeling down, Vine has been the answer. Sure, they're silly and short and don't make sense half the time, but there's something about vines that always stick with me.

Whether or not Dom is going to make Vine 2.0 or not, there are always vine compilations. I've once watched vine comps for two hours! The oldies but goldies NEVER get old.

I'm ready for Vine 2.0. I've been ready for years. And, with this article, you too can be ready! Here below, I've listed many ~iconic~ vines that you should watch in preparation. BONUS: Keep track of how many you know, and check your score at the bottom of the article!

1. Two bros, chillin' in a hot tub, five feet apart cuz they're not gay!

2. A potato flew around the room before you came, excuse the mess it made...

3. Are they helie balloons?!

4. I didn't get no sleep cuz of y'all!

5. Can I please get a waffle?

6. ...Wow.

7. I got an a-bor-tion.

8. I won't hesitate, bitch.

9. Road work ahead? Uh, yeah, I sure HOPE it does.

10. Look at all those chickens!

11. ...Hello?

12. What up, I'm Jared, I'm 19, and I never learned how to read.

13. I'm your freestyle dance instructor.

14. I can't believe you've done this.

15. I could've dropped my croissant!

16. Ninki Minjaj

17. That was legitness

18. Wait a minute, who ARE you?

19. Adam!

20. I smell like beef.

How well did you do?

0-3: Do you live under a rock? Do you know what vine is? Do you feel fulfilled at ALL with your life?

4-7: Alright. You've seen an okay amount. Still not great but you're at least vine-aware.

8-10: You're average. No better, though. Watch more vines.

11-14: Ok ok ok! You're doing pretty good. It's only uphill from here.

15-18: YES! You're like the equivalent of a B+, or even an A-. I'm so proud, keep thriving.

19-20: You are literally perfect, keep living your life and don't let anybody tell you otherwise.

Cover Image Credit: @vines

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Poetry On The Odyssey: It's a Girl

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