Iced coffee has no time of the season.
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Completely Chill With Iced Coffee In The Winter

Iced coffee is meant to brace the cold.

Completely Chill With Iced Coffee In The Winter

Waking up from the crisp sunlight peeking through your curtains during a winter morning can only mean one thing. It's time for a cup of coffee. A cup of joe can be freshly brewed from the Keurig, the coffee pot, a coffee bean grinder, or on your way to college. But one uncommon common trait that all coffee has during winter time is ice. Whether the fresh hazel goodness drips from the spout of the Keurig or Maxwell House pours lightly into your travel mug, it will always be over ice.

Majority of college students understand that iced coffee in the winter season may not be as refreshing as summertime Dunkin', but still holds a beloved taste that allows you to sip on your own time and not rush because your cup of energy will go cold. Flavors of caramel, hazelnut, french vanilla, and other swirls of sweetness can rest on your taste buds 24-hours a day and 365 days in the year.

So why is this generation completely chill with treading to class in a blizzard with no gloves on but an iced coffee in one hand and their cell phone in the other? According to Dunkin' Donuts, 56% of iced coffee consumers slurp the cold down during winter, mainly because of the need for energy and surprisingly due to the fact that the straw is involved. To all of the girls who can relate, your lip gloss and lipstick stays radiant through a straw, unlike a hot cup of coffee where the plastic lid will turn shades of pink.

During snow and frigid ice, the trend of iced coffee in the winter continues to grow. Dunkin', the one and only, completed another survey and discovered that out of 500 people, 80% of iced coffee drinkers are consuming more chilled coffee versus a year ago. Iced coffee can be more refreshing and tastier that just agrees with the buds on your tongue more than a hot liquid burning the crevasses of your mouth. A burnt tongue overlaps for a few days, but luckily a cup of iced coffee can wash out the worries asap.

The main reason why iced coffee is so popular is due to the consistent temperature. If you bring your hot cup of love to the outdoors, it can go cold within minutes. Iced coffee is meant to brace the cold, in fact, it gets even colder. But take the burnt beans with steam into the next building on your college campus and a wave of heat smacks you and your cup of coffee in the face. The redness on your cheeks will never simmer down because once the heat starts warming up your face, a bead of sweat will drip down your forehead due to your bundled up layers and steamy drink.

Not only does iced coffee cool down your rough day of lectures, but half of the time that is what gets students out of bed. Looking forward to your favorite cup of coffee in the morning, whether it is iced or hot, can be refreshing either way. It awakens the smile on your face and brings brightness to your morning, mainly because you deserve that cup of coffee.

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