IAmFuture Looks Forward to Crypto Winter’s Aftermath
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IAmFuture Looks Forward to Crypto Winter’s Aftermath

The international innovation team behind Web 3.0 platform IamFuture is not afraid of the so-called “crypto winter.”

IAmFuture Looks Forward to Crypto Winter’s Aftermath


The international innovation team behind Web 3.0 platform IamFuture is not afraid of the so-called “crypto winter.” In fact, the female-led global online holding company is plowing forward with a complex Web 3.0 ecosystem built on three main pillars: multipurpose, security, and creativity. The purpose? Meeting the broad needs of a contemporary global society — and mastering market cycles while doing it.

"You can learn to gain from disorder; you can develop a robust, resilient, and universally desired product, and you can even do it with joy," says IamFuture’s founder Maya Bernaia. "Our team is extremely innovative. We love adventures, and we are confident that we can deliver a unique, high-quality product that will deliver dramatic change in the face of tumultuous times."

In March 2022, IamFuture ramped up its product pipeline by developing the foundations of an original ecosystem that was tasked with meeting a variety of needs in the exploding Web 3.0 space. These three components consist of a “perform-2-earn” Metaverse platform, a cryptocurrency investment and research app, as well as the world’s first business sustainability platform.


The first pillar of IamFuture’s Web 3.0 platform is what Bernaia describes as a “perform-2-earn” Metaverse platform for e-sports socializing. Branded as “Metarollers,” it is a play-to-earn 2D game connecting gamers worldwide to a single ecosystem, where they can utilize their platform to both earn a living and socialize.

“Since gaming environments constitute a very effective draw for user interest, as well as a substantial economic driver for Web 3.0, Metarollers centers on originality and uniqueness,” Bernaia observes, calling it the “flagman” of the entire ecosystem. The domestically released Ethereum cryptocurrency token "Future" — with a market cap of $100,000,000 — powers the game. Because it is based on the Ethereum blockchain, Future tokens are compatible with hundreds of other crypto platforms. They may also be used to stake and vote on future ecosystem developments, in addition to their traditional validation functions.


IamFuture’s app provides investors with real-time, validated advice and research. It also contains a forecasting module driven by artificial intelligence. “Our investment app features a two-layer indicators set that facilitates ultra-short and short cryptocurrency trading and professional research on cryptocurrency products,” Bernaia explains. “Its sensitivity will be comparable to the human body’s neural system.”

A two-layer indicators set provides dynamic synthesis of two layers of indicators; metrics and non-tangible data, for example. The forecasting feature works within specific timeframes, such as the “extra-sensitive” 15-minute window used by many crypto traders.


Furthermore, the IamFairplay platform addresses what Bernaia says is a growing lack of trust in the world. It offers an extensive evaluation of the sustainability of business partnerships for B2B transactions, as well as a unique security funnel for transactions involving cryptocurrency, NFTs, and other digital assets.

“The IamFairplay security wallet prioritizes security above all else and provides two transaction security levels,” Bernaia observes. “This aspect of business sustainability insurance and partnership value evaluation cannot be overstated.” The platform works by gathering information on corporate operations, alliances, supply chains, production, storage, and services. Through blockchain interactions, it verifies the transparency, efficacy, and meaningfulness of the data gathered.

Bernaia says that IamFuture already possesses the technology to track down every product, ingredient, and step of the manufacturing process. This allows it to authenticate that each complies with both the law and best practices in terms of transparency. “We are deeply convinced of the efficacy of horizontal cooperation,” she says. “The world's specialists and enthusiasts, motivated by a common passion and drive, may now work together with perfect trust to produce the best results.”

Global Community

While IamFuture powers through crypto winter, Bernaia, a native of Ukraine, is not turning a blind eye to events in her homeland. In each of its platforms, the company is incorporating elements to build community, specifically in the areas of live entertainment, in-person and virtual social events, gaming, and fitness — both personal and group.

“At present, I am allowing other Ukrainians to participate on all of our platforms free of charge,” she says. “Although I left my town immediately after graduation, there are entire regions of the country where people only work and take orders. They basically have no hope right now. While I am grateful for being able to choose what I do and where I live, and for opportunities like attending Harvard University, my life has remained very simple. I would rather have the courage to share the future than try to monopolize it.”

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