If You Are Turning 20 During This COVID-19, Here Are 8 Lessons You Should Know
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If You Are Turning 20 During This COVID-19, Here Are 8 Lessons You Should Know

The older we are, the more we will realize.

If You Are Turning 20 During This COVID-19, Here Are 8 Lessons You Should Know

In the old days, when someone talked behind my back, I suffered in silence for a long time because I felt shocked and hurt. Now I have experienced more and understood that life has many types of people and not everyone is a good one. So, when we meet good people, we respect, and if they are not good, we will simply stay away...

As I am older, the more I learn, the more things I understand. I realized a lot of things that in the past I did not have enough experience to recognize, for example

When encountering difficulties or any other problems in life, we have 2 choices

1. Find ways to change it.

2. If it can't be changed, learn to adapt and accept it.

The older isn't the wiser

Believe me. I have been working with many types of people, and to be honest, many of them are really irresponsible and unreasonable. Since they are older, they automatically think they are given a chance not to do anything. With this typical one, just be straight-forward. There is just certain respect for everyone, and you don't need to waste your valuable time with those people.

Being good with others doesn't mean they will be good with you

So, if you choose to do good, don't expect others to respond because you might be disappointed.

Your husband/ wife/lover can still betray you even when they are still in love with you

So, don't be too sure about love. Don't be too suspicious or you will lose happiness, but don't be too naive to be hurt. Please live calmly and everything will be just fine. And if you feel suffocated in a relationship, leave, at least temporarily.

If I love myself, others will love me too

If you don't love yourself, how can you expect others to love you? Just be honest with what you are having and someday, there will be someone who loves you for who you truly are.

We can't change the mind of others, so we can only change our thoughts

What other people think about me doesn't matter, the important thing is what I think about myself. Be brave and be happy is my choice!

Learn to be grateful for the things you have in life because it will make you happier

When we are grateful and focused on good things in life, the good and positive things will come to our lives.

Sadness is an important part of our life

Everything happens for a reason. These difficulties and sadness are a challenge for you to be tougher and stronger to stay happy in life.

At some points when you look back, you might see how childish and thoughtless you were, busy thinking of the bad side without realizing that there is much more to see in this world.

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