I Rated Halloween Movies So You Don't Have To
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I Rated Halloween Movies So You Don't Have To

I hope you enjoy my favorites as much as I do.

I Rated Halloween Movies So You Don't Have To
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If you know me, you know that Halloween is my all-time favorite holiday. I love dressing up, carving pumpkins, decorating, and especially watching spooky movies. I love all Halloween movies from the horror and thriller genres to even the fun and cute ones for the family. So this month, I thought I'd tell you a bit about my favorite Halloween/spooky movies while also categorizing them and giving them a spook factor. Let's begin.

1. As Above So Below (2014)

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Category: Thriller/Horror

Spooks: 4/5

This is one of my favorite "scary" movies of all time. I love the history and the legends involved, along with the mental aspect of it that the characters encounter. I'd give it four out of five spooks though because it does get pretty intense towards the end, and it does deal with some supernatural and spiritual spooks.

2. The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

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Category: Family

Spooks: 1/5

This is another favorite of mine, but for totally different reasons than As Above So Below. I love the music and the story itself. I am also a HUGE fan of the Oogie Boogie Man as a villain. I'd give it one out of five spooks though. It's more of a family oriented movie, but do watch out for Oogie Boogie's song if you're watching with little ones.

3. Coraline (2009)

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Category: Family/Thriller

Spooks: 2/5

OKAY! I have a few words for Miss Coraline. While I do enjoy this movie, it is creepy in its own way. The Other Mother and everything about the Other World is C-R-E-E-P-Y. I love the animation and plot though, and the cat is a great character.

4. Insidious (2010)

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Category: Horror/Thriller

Spooks: 4/5

So, I watched this for the first time the other day. I went into it thinking it was one of the scariest movies out there. While it is creepy and does deal with negative spiritual energy and demons, I took away one spook because I really would call it more of a thriller and less of a horror flick. I LOVE the concept and I was more invested in what was going to happen to the family instead of being scared the whole time.

5. Sinister (2012)


Category: Horror

Spooks: 5/5

In all honesty, this is one of the scariest movies I've seen in a LONG time. I closed my eyes at the very end when the guy's face pops up, and I actually LOVE scary movies. It freaked me out, and I definitely needed to watch something fun afterwards to be able to go to bed. Five out of five spooks from me.

6. Hocus Pocus (1993)

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Category: Family/Comedy

Spooks: 1/5

Ah, a family favorite. My mom and I love this movie. I understand it's supposed to be about an urban legend coming true and probably could've been scarier to some than I rated it. I gave it one out of five spooks because the Sanderson Sisters are just so funny. Thackery Binx is also the best character, just behind Dani of course.

7. Halloween (1978)

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Category: Horror

Spooks: 4/5

I would call this the OG spooky, Halloween movie. Michael Myers is creepy by himself, but the way he always just shows up gives him an advantage in the horror world. Jamie Lee Curtis commands the attention in this movie though, and I love that. Four out of five spooks from me.

8. Monster House (2006)

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Category: Family/Thriller/Comedy

Spooks: 3/5

This is another "kids" movie that I need to have a few words with. Monster House is great because it's funny and quirky and all about these kids who suspect something weird is going on across the street. I give it three out of five spooks though because ***SPOILER*** when the house FREAKING COMES ALIVE AT THE END I cannot say that it's NOT scary...and I'm an adult.

9. Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)

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Category: Horror

Spooks: 5/5

This movie has a special place in my heart as the first movie that ever scared me to death. I was too young to be watching it in the first place, BUT the fact that Freddy Krueger can get you in your dreams takes the cake. You can't even turn the movie off and go to sleep because you're not safe there. It's still a great movie, and young Johnny Depp? *chef's kiss*

10. Beetlejuice (1988)

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Category: Comedy

Spooks: 1/5

Beetlejuice is another fun Halloween movie for me. He's so out there and wild that you can't help but laugh at him and the predicaments the characters find themselves in. I give Beetlejuice a one out of five spooks because while Beetlejuice as a character is supposed to be creepy, I don't find him scary at all. Oops. I said his name three times…

I do understand that the spook factor for each of these movies could be completely different for you, and that's totally okay! I just wanted to share some of my favorite movies since we only have one week left until Halloween. I hope you watch some of them if you haven't seen them!

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