Short story with a twist

Short Story: I never Thought

A surprising short story with a twist


I never thought that I would be a killer.

I had never considered it, really. And yet, I find myself in that very situation, with a new victim almost every day—People actually pay me to. As I stare at the profile sheet of my newest target, I frown. Sitting at my chestnut desk in the heart of bustling Boston, I quickly glance over the page again.

Maria Alcott, 25

Best-friend: Edward Crane

Family: 2 sisters, 1 brother, Parents deceased

Favorite activities: swimming in the cool summer waters of her backyard pool.

Hair: brown, straight, shoulder-length

Eye color: hazel-green,

Face shape: heart

schedule: Goes to the same coffee shop every day, orders the same drink and croissant, then goes to the middle school, where she voluntarily tutors 4th graders in math.

She was so personable, so likeable. A slight pang stabs my heart as I realize the power a few actions had. This was the part I hated—choosing the way they die. I started building her up, but now I get to knock her down. It's so hard. By now, I know her well enough that she feels like my own sister. But here I am, orchestrating her death.

Yanking my frizzy blond hair into a ponytail, I get to work. My slender fingers shoot across the page, trying to find the best, most dramatic way for her to go (Yes, I may have a slight flair for the dramatic). All of this to get to Edward. Apparently, the people paying me want to watch Edward suffer (which I can deal with…it's kind of sick, but a paycheck is a paycheck!)

I pull a thick binder labelled "Ideas" off of the nearest shelf and examine some of the options. I purse my lips and turn the page again. There were so many ideas, so many different ways she could go. None of them seemed fitting, though.

A carefully injected syringe of air that would mimic a heart attack? She wasn't old enough, there'd be too many questions to answer, besides, that's hardly dramatic, and that is what my employer wants. How about cutting the femoral artery? I haven't done that in a while. It'd be quick and easy.

Eh, maybe not…that's a little dark for this project, there'd be too much blood to deal with. Finally, I settle for the good old-fashioned approach. I decide she'll be killed by getting shot—right in front of her best friend, so that the emotional scars will be carried for a while (There's that dramatic touch!). The target really is more Edward than it is Maria. She's essentially a means to an end—though one that I would regret pulling the plug on—she could have so much potential.

I sigh and guzzle down some coffee. This is the headache I get for being a writer. I pick up my pen and prepare the opening statements in my latest crime novel, starting with the murder of one Maria Alcott.

Sorry Edward, you're in for a bumpy ride.

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9 Reasons Crocs Are The Only Shoes You Need

Crocs have holes so your swag can breathe.

Do you have fond childhood objects that make you nostalgic just thinking about your favorite Barbie or sequenced purse? Well for me, its my navy Crocs. Those shoes put me through elementary school. I eventually wore them out so much that I had to say goodbye. I tried Airwalks and sandals, but nothing compared. Then on my senior trip in New York City, a four story Crocs store gleamed at me from across the street and I bought another pair of Navy Blue Crocs. The rest is history. I wear them every morning to the lake for practice and then throughout the day to help air out my soaking feet. I love my Crocs so much, that I was in shock when it became apparent to me that people don't feel the same. Here are nine reasons why you should just throw out all of your other shoes and settle on Crocs.

1. They are waterproof.

These bad boys can take on the wettest of water. Nobody is sure what they are made of, though. The debate is still out there on foam vs. rubber. You can wear these bad boys any place water may or may not be: to the lake for practice or to the club where all the thirsty boys are. But honestly who cares because they're buoyant and water proof. Raise the roof.

2. Your most reliable support system

There is a reason nurses and swimming instructors alike swear by Crocs. Comfort. Croc's clogs will make you feel like your are walking on a cloud of Laffy Taffy. They are wide enough that your toes are not squished, and the rubbery material forms perfectly around your foot. Added bonus: The holes let in a nice breeze while riding around on your Razor Scooter.

3. Insane durability

Have you ever been so angry you could throw a Croc 'cause same? Have you ever had a Croc bitten while wrestling a great white shark? Me too. Have you ever had your entire foot rolled like a fruit roll up but had your Crocs still intact? Also me. All I know is that Seal Team 6 may or may not have worn these shoes to find and kill Osama Bin Laden. Just sayin'.

4. Bling, bling, bling

Jibbitz, am I right?! These are basically they're own money in the industry of comfortable footwear. From Spongebob to Christmas to your favorite fossil, Jibbitz has it all. There's nothing more swag-tastic than pimped out crocs. Lady. Killer.

5. So many options

From the classic clog to fashionable sneakers, Crocs offer so many options that are just too good to pass up on. They have fur lined boots, wedges, sandals, loafers, Maryjane's, glow in the dark, Minion themed, and best of all, CAMO! Where did your feet go?!

6. Affordable

Crocs: $30

Feeling like a boss: Priceless

7. Two words: Adventure Straps

Because you know that when you move the strap from casual mode chillin' in the front to behind the heal, it's like using a shell on Mario Cart.

8. Crocs cares

Okay, but for real, Crocs is a great company because they have donated over 3 million pairs of crocs to people in need around the world. Move over Toms, the Croc is in the house.

9. Stylish AF

The boys will be coming for you like Steve Irwin.

Who cares what the haters say, right? Wear with pride, and go forth in style.

Cover Image Credit: Chicago Tribune

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The Fire In The Notre Dame Cathedral Is A World Tragedy

This article is my opinion about the Notre Dame tragedy



1. On Monday the city of Paris, France, was hit with a tragedy as one of the most famous Cathedrals in the world caught fire.

2. The cause of the fire is unknown, however, police do not believe this was an act of terror or arson.

3. As of today, roughly about a billion dollars have been donated to help rebuild this historical landmark.

4. Officials believe that the fire may have been an electrical problem.

Here are some pictures of the damage the fire caused to the Cathedral

CBS News

CBS News

The picture above stands out so much to me because despite all of the damage done to the cathedral, the cross at the head of the alter still remains standing.

CBS News

CBS News

What truly warms my heart about this devastating tragedy is that people all over the world have come together for the people of France and the Catholic community. As a Catholic girl, it is very sad to me to see such a beautiful historical landmark of my religion be demolished by this fire. It especially warms my heart to see places such as the World Trade Center Monument and Empire State Building in New York City shine the blue white and red flag colors of France in solidarity with the citizens of France and the Catholic community.

A Cathedral with over 800 years of history in it is now partially gone. The architecture of that building may never be restored as we do not have the same building materials and wood type that was present in the 13th century. It is truly a miracle that parts of the Cathedral are still standing such as the altar, the stained glass, and more. I hope that this building will be restored to its former glory so that another 800 years of history can continue to be made there.

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