​I'm A Member of Bachelor Nation and I Wouldn't Have It Any Other Way.
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​I'm A Member of Bachelor Nation and I Wouldn't Have It Any Other Way.

I really can't imagine my life without this show.

​I'm A Member of Bachelor Nation and I Wouldn't Have It Any Other Way.

I actually really don't like reality TV. It usually stresses me out too much because I feel like it is 100% true and am emotionally invested in these people's "real" lives but the real isn't even really real ya know? I mean half of the protagonists' hair is fake, we can't possibly believe an ounce of what is shown to us on this producer crafted mayhem. I also don't like to see people cry. But, one day that all changed.

That day was when my roommates got me into "The Bachelor." It was only last year during Colton's season (that should really be renamed Demi's season) that I entered into this world. The first time I watched, I didn't even know what a Rose ceremony was. Now, I am so invested that I have heart palpitations during these. So much can change in a year! They should start a rehab program for this franchise because I honestly don't think I could quit even if I wanted to. First of all, at least at my school, you have to know about this and the goings on or else you are an uneducated, uncultured swine. This is probably how actual educated people feel about knowing about current events, but anyways now you know where my priorities lie. I am ashamed to admit I even purchased a Hulu subscription for the sole reason that I could stream the show on there. In my defense, this is more time efficient than watching with commercials on normal T.V. Of course, nothing is as efficient as not watching at all, but that is out of the question. In the stage of life I am in right now, being a member of "Bachelor Nation" is social currency. Similar to how people may debate political candidates, Frappuccino fueled college girls go back and forth about which Hannah is more deserving, or how one tragic pantsuit can sink a contestant's whole appeal. I can't walk across campus without hearing a name from the Bachelor, or someone saying that they would actually win if they went on and that they are truly the perfect girl for the treasure that is Pilot Pete. Oh wait, that was me. I said that.

Another part of this obsession, is that a fragment of me is devouring this show and giving my time and energy to ABC every Monday partially to take notes in case I ever go on this thing. I'm pretty sure that the fact that my arms are not woodland fairy size disqualifies me as a contestant, but if they ever decide to diversify then I could be in luck. Also, lots of people three people have told me I would do amazing on this show and if that isn't enough to make me want to throw my hat in the ring to have a chance of competing with other women for one dude who for whatever reason is personable and gorgeous and hasn't been able to catch a hot babe yet, then I don't know what is. If you watch this and don't at least daydream/nightmare about being on the show, then you're not a true American. I strategize that somehow I would stay out of all the drama and show my superiority with a little help from fake eyelashes and a never ending stream of Rose. I am positive that I would never be the one crying. The thing that is holding me back from currently applying is I read that you can't even bring books with you and as much as my brain had deteriorated from watching this show, I can't imagine how much it might if I went to the mansion without any connection to substance.

Anyways, I want to write more about The Bachelor because I find it fascinating and a great way to bond with friends over incredibly beautiful people ruining their lives so think of this as my introduction about my new found relationship (happy one year anniversary babe!) with this show and look forward to more of this content coming at you.

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