First things first: making New Year's Resolutions SUCK. Don't do it again.

It's a black hole of confusion and depression that you will forget come March and revert back to your old ways. UNLESS you have a formula of trying new things and being healthier than usual, you are doing well. However, we can all agree that New Year's Resolutions is just a societal excuse and a form of adding to pop culture. I really don't care what people will be saying to debate me, so this is the part where you should stop reading.

Winter Break for seniors should include a free trip to somewhere tropical because I'm losing my mind here in Boston. I can't focus on things, I'm eating too much, and I've resorted to watching the same old wrestling matches on the WWE Network. I realized it's on me instead of trying to find someone to blame. I have to make that change, I have to become a better version than 2018 Jake, and I have to make sure my 2019 is more than just memes and wrestling articles. I have to remain...unshaken.

As funny as it may sound, Red Dead Redemption 2 inspired me this past fall.

Red Dead Redemption 2 [Soundtrack] - May I? Stand Unshaken (Original Full Version)

It told a great story of examining relationships, being consumed by the power, and not realizing the poison it would bring towards the end. When it was over, I was speechless: how could a video game tell a better story than anything I've heard on podcasts and documentaries?

Here we are, though: writing this article trying to excuse myself and manipulate you all into thinking I'll find redemption.

I just don't seem to know what to do right here and now.

It will be interesting what happens when I get back to school.

I Coulda Been a Contender - On the Waterfront (6/8) Movie CLIP (1954) HD