I felt too much while he didn't
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I Felt Too Much, He Didn't

Maybe I shouldn't have cared too much.


You broke my heart. It's a simple statement, but I mean it. Whether you realize it or don't, which I know you don't, doesn't matter. You hurt me and I never had the chance to tell you. Would I though? I'm not sure.

You filled me with joy and hope; you made me excited. I thought we possibly had something going between us and I was thrilled over it. I liked you, I liked you a lot, and I still do. It sucks to admit it but here I am months later after the incident, and I still want you. Why do our brains do that to us? Why do they torture us with feelings and memories?

What happened after we hung out? You stopped talking to me, you ignored me like you did when we spoke and you made me feel like I did something wrong. I did nothing to you, I cried and cried, I still cry over it. Do you know that? No, you wouldn't care to know that I did and still do.

I thought you were in the same boat as I but now I have to wonder what your intentions were? Did you like me? Did you care for me as I did to you? Did you want to see or even meet me?

I had a dream about you last night, and it seemed so real. We were talking, you were holding and hugging me, and I was finally laughing. I haven't been happy since you left me alone, sitting on those stairs and reminiscing of that night. It gave me an idea, a foolish one at that.

Should I send a message? Should I say hey stranger, what's up? Would you answer me? Would you ignore what I sent? I want to talk to you so bad because you made me feel wanted, I want to know if you wanted me as I wanted you.

Am I ever going to see you again? Will I ever talk to you again? This is the torturous way that my mind has been working since I woke up this morning. You hurt me three times to be exact. You left me sitting at a table on New Year's Eve alone. You were talking to other girls and didn't tell me. Lastly, you ignored me, met me and left without a word goodbye. You broke my heart, and there wasn't anything I could do.

I felt too much and let my feelings get in the way. I still do and what are you doing? You are out there living life without me even crossing your mind once. Who knows, maybe I do cross your mind. That's the sad part about it all. I let you in, and I cared way more than you ever did. Will I ever find peace? Of course, I will, but it's going to be a journey for that to happen.

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