Disclaimer that this is all for a laugh. Don't take things too seriously, because it is not that deep. Also, I understand there are more genders than male and female, but for the sake of simplicity, I stuck to only male and female. You can identify with whichever one you please.

1. "It annoys me when males never back down from a fight due to their male pride"

You think you are going to beat me in a fight? Think again silly boy.

2. "I hate it when guys burp out loud and then DON'T excuse themselves because they think ITS ACCEPTABLE" 

But it's not, did your mama raise you in a barn???

3. "When boys always think they have to hid their emotions to be considered manly" 

Chad, I promise i wont tell your friends you actually can feel something.

4. "When boys pee on the toilet seat and then leave it for me to sit on"

possibly the single most annoying thing the male species can do.

5. "When they don't put the toilet seat back down either and then I end up fall INTO the toilet"

the absolute most disgusting annoying thing on planet earth. PUT IT BACK DOWN.

6. "Boys always try to show off and act cooler around their guy friends"

woah Brad, I had no idea you could smash a beer on your head and chug it within 2 seconds. so cool.

7. "I hate it when girls constantly overanalyze and overthink everything" 

like come on Stacey its not that deep. chill.

8. "I HATE it when boys rev their big honking trucks when I am walking by as though they are actually impressing me" 

In reality, it really annoying and makes you look obnoxious. I promise me and my friends just make fun of you for doing it.

9. "I hate it when boys adjust themselves in public"

do you really have to stick your hands in your pants while we are in the Chick-Fil-A line? the answer is no.

10. "The most unattractive thing a boy can do is Catcalling girls"


11. "It bothers me when girls get on elevated surfaces when you know they are going to fall and they still don't get off" 

Jessica there is no reason for you to be dancing on a counter instead of the floor. It's for your own good. You don't want to end up as a "girls on elevated surfaces" meme on OldRow.

12. "Both genders love to take their time to respond" 

We are always on our phones but I am either ignoring you or simply too lazy to change apps. You will never know.

13. "I hate it when people sing so loudly in the car OVER the music"  

We get it Becky!! You know all the words to "Only" by Nicki Minaj!! Congrats now can I actually listen to the song now.

14. "It annoys me when girls assume all guys are the same" 

If boys were all the same, we'd all be doomed.

15. " It makes me cringe when boys brag about how many girls they have been with"

OMG Adam I am so impressed by the fact that you've been with half of the girls in beta beta beta. You are just the COOLEST.

16. "Boys usually always expect something from me because they buy me a drink" 

Thanks for the drink John, but we are just gonna to expect that you are just being a nice person.

17. "I don't like it when girls don't shoot their shot"

It is 2018, girls can shoot their shot too.