How To Hurry Up And Slow Down

"Hurry up and slow down." My least favorite high school physics teacher used to say to us when before we took the infamous all-or-nothing quizzes. You either received a 100 or a zero if even one mistake was made, forcing those that actually cared about our GPAs to have to retake it until we got it right. I still remember the first time he explained this phrase to our class. He told a story about how he was late for work and began to speed, resulting in him getting pulled over by a cop and getting a ticket. In result, he ended up being later for work than he would have been without speeding. His speech was a reminder of how we end up doing more work sometimes when we take shortcuts or try to rush through things that take time.

Recently, I have been in the process of making a major life decision of moving almost 1000 miles from where I have lived my entire life. To say that this decision is crucial would be an understatement. A family member of mine suggested that I moved up sooner than later to get a job while I continued to get paid for my teaching job over the summer. While I leaned towards this idea more, it ended up stressing me out even more than my original plan.

I ended up having a mental breakdown since it was too much to take in at one time and was then told by that same family member that I should stick with the original plan to move at the end of July. I ended up hurrying up to slow down in the end.

Now that I am visiting my future home on vacation, I am more relaxed and able to look for a job without worrying about a timeline. I am also able to tie up any loose ends where I am currently living. In the end, sometimes we have to stop and evaluate where we are at and what the best measures are to achieve our goals.

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