In the news right now, four things are blowing up my Facebook. News about how Kim Kardashian was robbed at gun point , Harambre memes, Hurricane Mathew and Nicole, and Donald Trump. Three of things I've mentioned I am concerned about, for they are destructive forces that unfortunately have the power to destroy millions of lives. While one right now is running for political office, the others are Hurricane and Nicole.

These hurricanes have already destroyed Haiti (the poorest nation in Latin America). Haiti was a country that was devastated by previous natural disasters. It seemed just as they began to rebuild from the disastrous earthquake, the shores became engulfed by knee-deep water.

According to CNN, about 300 people in Haiti have perished from the hurricane.

"We expect unfortunately that number to rise a little bit as we begin to access communities, regions that were inaccessible because of the roads, because of the bridges that fell due to the hurricane," Haitian Ambassador to the U.S., Altidor told CNN's Wolf Blitzer.

But Hurricane Matthew isn't done yet. In the aftermath of the hurricane, Haiti is still feeling aftershocks in the form of cholera. During the storm, many crops were destroyed, thus putting an increased pressure on food resources. At least 13 people have died of cholera, reports BBC. This beginning outbreak only raises fears similar to those back in 2010, when nearly 10,000 people died.

In North Carolina 18 people have been killed, reported FOX News, while many are still stranded. Major relief efforts are underway, but for places like Charleston, which are naturally prone to more flooding due to their low elevation, progress seems little.

Notorious for almost never closing their doors, the Florida Disney parks closed on Friday giving way to some creepy images of the supposed "happiest place on Earth," as 100mph winds blew through the family destination.

So what can you do in the wake of the hurricane? Donate time and donate your cash. According to Charity Navigator. "Unlike material donations, cash involves no transportation costs, shipping delays, or customs fees. It also enables relief organizations to spend more time providing aid by spending less time managing goods," the organization explained on its website.

For more information on where and how to donate to make a real difference, visit GiveWell or Charity Navigator.