How To Fight Human Trafficking And Know The Odds

A few years ago I saw a video on Facebook where Ashton Kutcher was giving a speech. Normally, I skip the celebrity interviews to look for more silly dog videos, but this one caught my eye; I mean it was Ashton Kutcher! He was talking about how much he loved his daughter, but then got to a more serious issue-human trafficking.

Human trafficking is the exploitation of humans whether it be labor, sexual activities, or any other forced, immoral activities. Although third world countries are at a higher risk human trafficking happens all over the world, even in your neighborhood. While many of us watch the news and hear of these horrors, it is very hard to grasp the concept unless it affects us directly. Here are some statistics on human trafficking I would like everyone to take into account.

1-There's about 45.8 million modern-day slaves that exist today.

This is over 10 times the amount of slaves the existed in 1860!

2-The human trafficking industry makes an estimated $150 billion dollars per year!

It is said that the Virtual Reality industry in the U.S. won't even reach this level until 2020!

3-It only cost $90 for a slave.

The average American makes about $24 an hour. The average American is also working a 9 to 5 job. With that being said a day of work the average American would make about $192 a day. Salves do work that is traumatizing and get paid little to no money, yet they are sold for about half a days worth of American work.

There are just 3 of the many facts about human trafficking. The most important thing to remember is that it can happen to anyone, anywhere, and at any time. Here are some ways you can recognize the signs of someone that is being trafficked:

1-If someone has no passport or says that someone is holding their passport for them.

2-Appear to be in physical harm. For example, bruises scratches, or anything that could have been caused by another person.

3-They aren't allowed to speak and someone else is always speaking for them.

4- Being fearful of police or authorities.

Again, there are many signs that a person is being trafficked and there is still a lot more to learn.

Many people who are being trafficked are unaware and believe that they are helping a friend of the family. In some other cases, they are well aware but believe that if they tell someone they are putting themselves and/or family and friends in danger.

If you believe someone is a victim of human trafficking tell a police officer right away and call the human trafficking hotline:

1 (888) 373-7888

To learn more about human trafficking visit:

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