To the Human Forms of Sunshine
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To the Human Forms of Sunshine

-You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy, when skies are grey.-

To the Human Forms of Sunshine

Have you ever met someone who just immediately made you a better person? Not because they were inspiring, or because they done something. But because of who they are as a human being? I'm talking about the people that can make your day better by simply seeing them smile. The person whose smile grabs the attention of an entire room. They are goodness. They are God-fearing. They are laughter. They are encouraging. They are sunshine.

The most beautiful thing about life is getting the opportunity to meet people, who genuinely just make life better. Their existence has a gravitational pull that attracts and reflects happiness, love, and genuine joy. They are sunshine.

It's important that when we surround ourselves with people like this because they will make you feel safe and they will make you happy.

I challenge you to think about who this person is in your life. Let me tell you what I think about, when I think about this person.

  • It's the person who makes a room lighter and more refreshing.
  • Its the person who makes the world feel as if it's not so heavy.
  • It's the person who feels like home, safety, and comfort.
  • It's the person who could never be disliked or even hated.
  • It's the person who is an actual breath of fresh air. Their presence takes the tensions off your chest, because they make you feel like you can breathe however you need.
  • It's the person who selflessness knows no borders, because regardless of what's going on in their own mind or heart, others will always come first.
  • It's the person who allows full transparency with your struggles.
  • It's the person who is there to catch you, ready with the strongest net, ready to catch whatever you throw, regardless of how heavy it may be.
  • It's the person whose hugs can be problem solving.
  • It's the person who brings your head above the water, when you don't even realize you're drowning.
  • It's the person who is unconditionally supportive, wholesome, and wonderful.
  • It's the person who feels like the feeling you get when you eat a cold sandwich after swimming the pool all day. (With chips on it, of course)
  • It's the person who mimics the feeling you get, when you feel the captivating rays of sunshine on a beautiful sunny day.
  • When you're driving through a thunder storm, and you drive under a bridge, and everything stops. Everything goes silent, and it's almost peaceful. Then when you finally get from under the bridge, and everything starts to hit hard again- They are the bridge.

They are sunshine.

If you have this person, or have found this person—keep them. This person is one in a million, and you get to know them. This person will always be there. We will always have bad days, we will always have struggles, and we will always need someone. Life will always get ugly, hold onto the person who helps you find the beauty.

Maybe you're planning to move cities, and leave the life you've built for the last 6 years and this person is being left behind, and you're scared you find another one.. you won't have to. Always find the time for this person.. because the sun will always rise, and the sun will always come back out.

If you haven't found your "sunshine" yet, I am confident you will. I believe there is someone out there for everybody, and I don't mean a lover, significant other, I mean someone out there whose purpose is to impact our lives in such a positive way that they leave footprints on our hearts that withhold the sands of time, and will always be there.

I met mine at 19 years old, a lost college kiddo who was searching for her place in this world. I found myself in a classroom filled with the sweetest babies and an even sweeter teacher. A teacher that would take me under her wing, and give me so much more than knowledge of how to work in the baby room. Mrs. Debra has seen me through mental darkness, heartache, college degrees, the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. The carpet in her classroom started as a place to rock babies, but has grown to become my safety net.. where I go to sit cross legged, and pour my heart out. That carpet has been the grounds of both of our tears, but a place I know I can always go. Mrs. Debra claims that I've gotten her through the worst times, but she just thinks she needs me. I can always count on Deb to offer me a word of encouragement, a compliment, and a hug that makes the world feel right. My prayer is that everyone finds their Mrs. Debra.

After you read this I want to encourage you to do two things.

  1. Call your "sunshine". Call them and let them know that you are their sunshine, and you are everything I listed. Don't text, call! Because everyone loves to hear the voice of someone who loves you!
  2. I believe we could all benefit from trying to be someone's sunshine. I challenge you to reach out to an old friend, or someone you haven't talked to in a while and compliment them, tell them you're proud of them, ANYTHING! But be their source of Vitamin D, today 💛 you never know who needs it.
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