In our world, there is so much hate. There are so many reasons people feel alone because their perception is no one else shares their insecurities or struggles. People often post their best versions of themselves onto the media. That way, no one can see the imperfections. This makes social media a void where people try to make their lives appear to be perfect while simultaneously comparing their image to everyone else's.

Instead, we should think about using the media and our other forms of communication as a means in which to present our true selves. We should use the media to lift each other up, instead of having a silent competition of who has the better life. We should be posting about our honest journeys, and recognize that we are each on our own.

In addition, we should actively make an effort every day to brighten someone else's life. Not only will this give us an incentive to further continue our self-love journey, but it will create a chain reaction to spread more love.

How many times have you been out in public and seen someone you thought was really pretty, but didn't say anything? How many times has someone done something you thought was extremely admirable, but you didn't outwardly acknowledge them for it? How many times have you seen someone clearly struggling, and didn't think it was your place to help out?

It is always your place. Yes, there are boundaries. However, you'd be surprised to see how much a helping hand really makes a difference—how much a smile can make someone's day lighter, how much a compliment could assist on someone's journey to see themselves as more beautiful, how much empathizing can make people feel so much less alone.

We don't have to be in this alone; we can be in this life together.

That all being said, here are some things that YOU can do to spread more love and make the world a better place!

1. Make a post on Instagram/any other social media with a question like: "Who needs to hear how amazing they are today?", or "How is everyone doing?" (This is a great way to use social media in a way that actually makes the greater community feel closer, safer, understood, and open.)

2. Get off of your phone while walking in public, and make the effort to smile at someone.

3. When ordering food, make an effort to acknowledge the person making/serving you. They're humans, just like you!

4. Compliment someone instead of just having the thought to.

5. Hug someone. (But like, really hug them).

6. Reach out to someone that you know doesn't get out a lot or have many friends.

7. Let the people who are struggling know that you are there for them.

8. Surprise someone with their favorite candy.

9. Open the door for people!

10. Help the elderly bag their groceries.

11. Thank an important person in your life for everything that they've done for you.

12. Send someone a song or piece of art that reminds you of them.

13. Check in with at least one person, every day.

14. Ask someone if they are okay if they seem down.

15. Pick up the trash that you find outside.

16. Listen to someone if they just need a person to vent to.

17. Have a meaningful conversation with someone that you've always admired.

18. Let people know that they are valued and appreciated.

19. Make an effort to relate and/or empathize with people so that they know that they are not alone.

20. Tell someone you love them, every day.