In one of its biggest biased moves yet, The Huffington Post announced last week that it will be moving its coverage of Republican presidential candidate and billionaire Donald Trump from its News Section over to Entertainment.

Editors for HuffPo called Trump's campaign a “sideshow,” putting it with the ranks of the Kardashians and "The Bachelorette."

While I’m not taking a stance on who I support for president, I think it’s clear that Trump’s campaign is news. Poll after poll done by credible outlets like The Washington Post and ABC News show that Trump is only growing in popularity in the polls, soaring towards the top of the roughly dozen other serious contenders for the GOP nomination. A poll released last week by the organizations stated that nearly six in 10 Republicans said they look on Trump favorably, pitting him behind only former Florida Governor Jeb Bush and only by 6 percentage points.

No matter what one personally thinks about Trump’s comments and campaign tactics, a large segment of the American population is voicing support for him, and that’s news whether The Huffington Post likes it or not. To say it’s not is an attempt to put personal biases into coverage, an issue for an organization that makes no indication that its news section is anything but fair coverage.

This seems to be a continuing trend for The Huffington Post, with its social media team weighing in more and more on issues when sharing content.

There's nothing wrong with a news outlet taking a stance on political issues, but disguising them as unbiased coverage is wrong. The Huffington Post should either acknowledge what it’s doing or cut it out. Anything else is deceiving the public.