How To Shop At HomeGoods

How To Shop At HomeGoods The Right Way

After working at HomeGoods for the past two years, I have gathered some helpful tips when it comes to shopping there.

I started working at HomeGoods around Christmas-time in my junior year of high school. I stayed for the next year, and then worked again over my breaks while at college, because I loved it just that much. As the days went on, I kept hearing the same complaints from customers. I then realized there's an easy way to cheat the system and have a happy shopping experience.

1. If you like it even a little, put it in your cart!

If I had a dime for every time a customer came running to the registers asking if an item they saw yesterday was sold, I'd be richer than Jeff Bezos and Oprah Winfrey combined. The items do go fast, so chances are if you see something on Tuesday, it won't be there in an hour, nevertheless on Wednesday. If you like it even a little, put it in your cart and purchase it. Worse comes to worse, you return it in the morning!

2. Be kind to the employees, they know where every item is

Yes, I do actually know where the pink striped tea cup with the golden bottom is. Its on the second shelf hiding under a large bamboo cutting board, with a set of bright green salad tongs sitting on top. It might sound ridiculous, but every employee has this thought process when asked about a specific item. We are constantly scanning and reorganizing the store, so our minds become a road map of the entire store. Personally, I will walk you to the teacup instantly. But, in retail, it always helps being kind. Storming up to a store associate will get you nowhere. If you treat them like your daughter, or sister, or student (assuming you are nice to all of these people), then you will succeed in finding the items lost under pots and pans.

3. Don't give up right away

I know, HomeGoods can look like a jungle of fabrics, shiny objects, and cute sayings that you want written all over your vsco. That's why a lot of customers storm into the store, scan the isles, and rush out without giving a second look at the glossy candy lining the registers. If you really want to find what you are looking for, slow down. It's HomeGoods after all, everyone is there to have a nice shopping time. Enjoy browsing around, looking at all the shelves, and trying different sections. If you are in a rush, rely on the instincts of those working there and ask. Your item is there, you just need to look!

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