How to Transplant Cannabis Clones from Rockwool to Soil
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How to Transplant Cannabis Clones from Rockwool to Soil

Typically, when plants outgrow in the containers, transplanting must happen to enhance the rapid growth of the plants.

to Transplant Cannabis Clones from Rockwool to Soil


Typically, when plants outgrow in the containers, transplanting must happen to enhance the rapid growth of the plants. Leaving them for long on the Rockwool will cramp the root systems and stunt the growth of your plants. Root-bound plants signs include weak and slow growth.

There is nothing as heartbreaking as damping-off your plants. It is a gardener's worst nightmare since it destroys the seed's/clone tissue before germination. Wet soil could be the reason for this, which is why many gardeners opt for soilless mixtures. These could be perlite, Rockwool cubes, and peat moss that help evade the fungal problems. You can plant your cannabis clones in the Rockwool cubes.

Molten rock is used to make these Rockwool pallets where clones can be planted for germination. When you notice the roots beginning to appear at the bottom, you need to transplant the clones to the soil. However, you need to confirm the state of the roots by removing the plant from the pot. You will ascertain whether the roots are already circling the pot or deeply matted to the Rockwool, which would mean it is time to transplant.

As you transplant your cannabis clones, make sure you do so in a similar growing medium. That is to avoid the water pressure differential that may arise due to different mediums. It slows down root penetration and fluid movement. For example, in this case, the Rockwool cubes will work perfectly after you transplant your clones to the soil.

Every cube holds water longer, which means the roots will easily penetrate the soil.

Starting clones in Rockwool and peat pots

Ensure you set up a peat pot or Rockwool cubes first and make a hole for the peat pot. Keep the substrates and cubes moist, especially when transplanting. Probably, you already know, transplanting is never an easy experience. The process requires manual dexterity and special attention. The roots bear tiny root hairs that are very delicate.

Air, light, or even clumsy hands could destroy these root hairs. Roots thrive in a secure environment and darkness. When taken out and comes in contact with an aeroponic garden or the soil, they might dry and die in a short time.

That is why transplanting should involve very little disturbance to the plant's root system. Water is resourceful in this process as it packs soil to the roots and ensures they do not dry out. The clone roots have to be in contact with moist aerated soil to acquire oxygen, water, and food to be supplied to the plant. The tender roots require oxygen to absorb water and nutrients effectively.

Colin Little from Oklahoma Clones said, “It’s important to watch your clones carefully for the first few days after transplant to ensure you can catch issues before the plant is too shocked to fully recover.” If the plant is struggling after transplant it needs a lot of attention to keep it alive.

Storing Cubes Temporarily

You might purchase the cannabis clones, which usually should be planted the same day they get home. Due to some reasons, you cannot plant them and therefore need to store them temporarily. What do you do in such a case? Water the clones using a heavily diluted nutrient solution. Make sure you place the clones in a room with a low-intensity fluorescent fixture. Go for the T12 or T8 bulbs. Jon at Phoenix Clones in Arizona recommends keeping the cubes moist, but do not flood the tray with water. You can rearrange the clones to avoid shadowing other clones if they begin to stretch. Transplant the clones as soon as you have the time.

Transplanting Cannabis Clones

  • Before transplanting, you have to prepare the soil first or purchase pre-mix mediums. Fill your container up to half full.

  • Use your hands to create a small well at the center of the container. The well should be large enough to accommodate the clone plug.

  • Remove the clone from its tray gently to keep its root system as secure as possible with minimal interruptions on the system. Selecting a clone with a well-developed root system would be in your best interest since such a clone will integrate perfectly with the soil.

  • Preserve the roots. Place your young cannabis plant in the soil and fill the space with soil.

  • You could then press the soil gently around the clone's stem. Do not push hard to avoid packing the ground too tightly and preventing root system growth.

  • Water the clone afterward, but do not overflood the area. Consider watering the young plant after a few days until the root system gets to the soil from the Rockwool.

Take Away

Always remember that the root system of the clones and seedlings is essential and can easily dry when exposed for long. Transplant only one plant at a time to avoid drying out the roots. Be careful as these root systems are very fragile.

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