How To Survive A Long Distance Relationship
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How To Survive A Long Distance Relationship

Tips on how to make a long distance relationship last, no matter the miles.

How To Survive A Long Distance Relationship
Lisa LaBay

There's no denying the fact that long distance relationships suck. I mean, no one likes being away from the person they love the most, do they? Having no choice but to be separated from my boyfriend hurts my heart and drives me crazy on some (okay, most) days... but we always manage. Over the span of the last six months, I've learned so much about our relationship and all the reasons why we will continue to last, regardless of the distance between us. It's not always the easiest, but I know that it is always worth it. For anyone out there who is in a long distance relationship and struggling, these are my top four tips for making a long distance relationship last.

1. The most important factor - TRUST TRUST TRUST.

I know this may sound cliche but it's honestly so true--trust will either make or break your relationship. Coming from a girl who struggles with jealousy and insecurity, being able to trust my boyfriend when I'm not anywhere near him is a BIG deal. Although you are allowed to be jealous of the people who get to see him everyday, do not let that jealousy consume you and your thoughts! You have to have faith that the person you are dating will not hide things from you, lie to you or cheat on you in anyway. You deserve the honest truth 100 percent in a relationship, as does your SO. If you can't trust someone, your relationship will never last.

2. Make time for each other.

Just because distance prevents you from your typical dinner dates and movie nights doesn't mean you can still set aside special time to focus on each other. For us, Skype and FaceTime have been our best friends. We try to put aside at least half an hour every night to talk to each other (usually that half an hour turns into about three...) We missed our movie nights a lot and we actually came across an extension in Google Chrome called Showgoers for Netflix where both of us can watch the same movie at the same time and control when it pauses and plays on both screens! It's pretty awesome and allows us to feel a little closer.

3. Cherish the time you get to spend together.

Over the last six months, I've gotten to spend only 11 days with my boyfriend. Those short days went by faster than I could have ever imagined, but I remember almost every detail because I was focused only on him. It's important that you really appreciate the time you spend with one another when you get the chance, especially if you don't know when you'll get to see each other next. During this time, don't sulk around and talk about how sad you are that you only get x amount of days together. Instead, go on an adventure. Do something you wouldn't normally be able to do, make memories! You should be able to look back on these visits and smile big because you know that you made the best of every moment you got to spend with each other.

4. Ignore the haters.

Let's face it--there is always gonna be people who have to spread negativity. These are the people who are going to tell you that you're stupid for trying to make things work, that it'll never happen, that you're wasting your time. Ignore these people. They do not matter, what matters is that you're doing what makes you happy and that you're following your heart. Try and stay positive, even if you seem to be surrounded by pessimists. Find people who believe in your relationship and that will support you guys through it all. And next time someone tells you it will never work, just smile politely and know that they are wrong.

Having any substantial number of miles between you and the one you love is hard, but I promise you that the wait is worth it! I hope these tips will help you stay strong and keep your relationship happy and healthy!

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