How College Students Reduce Stress
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10 Different Ways I Learned To Reduce Stress As A College Student

Have you all ever heard of a thing called ASMR?

10 Different Ways I Learned To Reduce Stress As A College Student

You're lying to yourself if you claim that you're stress free as a college student. It's just not possible. I'm sure all of the usual ways to reduce stress are through working out, eating healthier and spending time with your friends. Basically, you want to do whatever makes you happy. However, I learned a few underrated methods to reduce stress and they have worked for me pretty well. Here are some of the few things that saved my life every time I had anxiety in college.

1. Try watching some ASMR videos!


I know what you're wondering. What the heck is an ASMR? Well, ASMR means "autonomous sensory meridian response," which are a series of various sounds that can help someone relax or fall asleep. When I'm stressed, I search up ASMR videos on YouTube and I feel so relaxed and stress-free! YouTubers who do ASMR videos make different sounds such as eating, drinking, tapping, whispering, and typing while using a microphone to enhance the sounds. You guys should honestly look into these videos! (Also search up "oddly satisfying" videos on snapchat and Instagram.)

2. Essential Oil Diffusers!


Let me put you guys on to these. You ever walked in a room and it smells extremely nice and you just close your eyes and imagine that you're somewhere else based on the scent? Yeah, it's amazing. With an oil diffuser, you can use many different scents such as Vanilla, Frankincense, Pina Colada, and Pumpkin. The best part is the fact that the smell can put you in a calm, relaxing mood. The mist fills up the whole room without giving you a headache like air fresheners would. The best part about them is that they are as cheap as $20 and are long-lasting!

3. Online shopping!


Hey listen, when I'm stressed, I buy things to make me feel better. I don't go overboard so it's never an issue. It just makes me feel good to buy things and get them in the mail the following week. Amazon is my second go-to app besides Snapchat.

4. Drawing / Completing word search puzzles


Both of these activities are good when it comes to increase brain activity and reduces stress. Drawing allows you to be creative and relax while word search allows you to feel calm. Plus, searching for words and finding them makes me feel good.

5. Spending time with my best friends


This is an obvious one that has helped me so much. If I want to rant and have fun, my friends are my go-to people. No one can make me laugh more than my college friends.

6. Cleaning your apartment/dorm room.


Nothing is better than coming home to a clean and organized room. Cleaning may be a hassle but the outcome makes you feel accomplished. Seeing my laundry pile up or even one thing in the bin makes me stressed and reminds me of the fact that I have to do laundry in the future, so I just get it out the way, reorganize my closet, make my bed, and make my room look presentable for guests…or myself.

7. Running on the treadmill.


Going to the gym is an obvious stress reliever. But running on the treadmill makes all of your problems go away. Running to your favorite playlist makes the workout go by quick and you'll have a great body at the end of it. Lifting weights is good too but personally, I like the treadmill.

8. Try wearing some face masks.


If you are interested in skin care, you should try using some face masks. They are fun to peel off and your skin will look flawless. I would be stress-free if I had clear skin so, why wouldn't you?

9. Chewing gum (mint preferably).


Gum helps you focus if you didn't know that fact. Mint gum especially helps with memory and relaxes you. But please get your chewing under control if you chew like a cow.

10. Try to go to bed around the same time every night.


If you have irregular sleeping patterns, you're going to have a hard time focusing and you'll be extremely irritable. Also, you may talk in your sleep if you don't get enough.

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