Procrastination is literally the worst thing ever to have happened to the human race. Ok, maybe not the worst thing but still, it sucks. You struggle to get your work done already and then when you finally feel like you are being productive... sorry I dunno where I was going with that, I was in an Insta scrolling hole. THIS IS WHAT I MEAN. No joke, I actually was in a hole there because I didn't follow one of the steps on this list. So please, if you are anything like me when it comes to needing to get anything done, keep reading.

1.Get a new work space.


Your current workspace isn't working for you, honey. Everything around you is something your vision is comfortable looking at, which means you will eventually avert your eyes to something else. Get up, grab your work materials, and move. Once you are in a new space that is away from your normal visual distractions, you will actually feel uncomfortable. As weird as it may seem, being uncomfortable with your location will actually heighten your productivity because you will want to get out of there ASAP.

2. Move all of your distractions out from reach.


So moving your workspace isn't really an option for you because you are hella lazy. That's OK, but you'll still need to get up for this one to work. Leave your work where it normally is, and then think about everything that causes you to get distracted. Take all of those things, your phone, switch, novel, hell even your hair tie and literally move it away from you. Put it in the other room, in a box, a suit case, under your bed, I don't know but get it out of your sight and reach. This way, if you actually have to get up out of your way to be distracted then you are more likely to just continue the lazy trend and stick with your work.

3. Set small hourly goals.

Breaking your work down into sections makes it seem a lot less intimidating. It also sets more realistic goals for you to achieve while you're working. This way, you'll be able to tick off the items on your list of things to do and actually feel like you're gaining progress!

4. Find a work buddy.


Sometimes you just need a work buddy to help motivate you! Grab a friend, head to the library or just invite them to your place for a study/getting shit done night. You'll both feel like you're getting your work done and also have a lot of fun just hanging out.

5. Reward yourself.


We all know that when we are working towards an award, we work to get it. So why not actually set up a reward system for yourself? Remember those small goals we set for each hour, well at the end of your work schedule, if you've completed all of your tasks, reward yourself! Make sure it's a reward that's actually worth working for because if you aren't excited for it, then you'll just end up cheating.

Procrastination is seriously no joke, but hopefully with these five tips you're able to break free of your slacking habits!