how to persevere

How to Persevere in Difficult Moments

Difficult moments and trials can teach us about our characters and virtues. Use those moments well.

Sue Do

We all have those times. Death, disasters, unexpected events, diseases, mental health issues, war, famine, children being separated from their parents because they cross the border illegally out of need for protection from the above mentioned issues.

These events can impact us strongly in a positive or negative way in how we choose to handle these situations. These situations are sometimes out of control or have limited control. As a result, we may question our faith or morality or values.

What is the purpose of living? Why do bad things happen to people? Why do we suffer?

I recently lost two of friends to brain cancer and attended two funerals within a span of 4 months. Times like these make me wonder and question why my loved ones are gone so soon. Despite my sadness, I try to find hope in difficult moments.

Death, disasters, illnesses, war, family separation, or unexpected events can be abrupt. Some of us may have time to prepare while other do not.

Even though there are days that are difficult to go on, please remember that we all matter to someone.

We have a purpose to live our lives as best as we could. We have talents that can be put to a good use. The little moments in life matter.

Remember the conversations you had with your friends? Did you gain any insights from that?

Hug your parents and/or guardians .

By all means, there are days when you all disagree on things, but please never forget three important words I love you

Compliment someone on anything.

You might not know what kind of day they go through but uplifting words can make a difference

Reunite yourself with old friends. Talk about great memories. Learn from bad memories.

Connections are important because tomorrow is not guaranteed. Try to put yourself in someone's situation and empathize with them. You'll feel a lot of hope when you help someone.

Find balance and moderation in everything you do.

Self care is important!

We may get caught up in sadness, events, and grief that happened in our lives but when we overcome that grief, our spiritual strength will increase by a tenfold.

Meditate, pray, and find a mantra that fits.

Whenever I find myself feeling miserable, I pray, and remind myself to stay positive.

Do journaling.

No grammar rules necessary. Doodle. Draw. Write a poem.


Read happy stories, motivational books, jokes, comedies, romance and just about anything that interests you.


There is so much need to smile. Be thankful that you're still breathing, living, and healthy.

Cherish every little moment.

The food on the table. The shower you took. The house you're living in.. The bed you are laying on. The clothes you are wearing etc.

Make a bucket list and do things that matter to you.

You only have one life. Live it with passion and positivity.

Ask yourself: What legacy do I want to leave behind? And work on living your own legacy.

Be memorable.

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