This article isn't a bandaid for your heart. It's simply a realization to help you move on. Break ups aren't easy nor are they fun. And if it ended badly, don't even get me started... but that doesn't mean you stop.

It's going to hurt regardless of how it ended and it will hurt regardless if you "hate" them or not. It's weird going from being someone's everything to their nothing in a matter of a few words. Let me tell you now, crying won't change it. Living out of your room won't help. Lack of sleeping and eating won't help. Pushing yourself past your limits won't help. Don't torture yourself over someone who isn't thinking about you.

Never go back either. It didn't work for a reason and people don't change because they've been caught or they see they've hurt you. They will only change if they want to, and lets be honest here, no one wants to change.

I can share thousands of ways i've been brokenhearted, but why would i give them glory? I'm here to tell you, stop letting them control your emotions. Stop waiting for that text that they "don't have time" to send. Stop waiting for those late night calls they promised they would make. Stop waiting for them to come see you, just to get a text say "sorry i can't. something came up." STOP WAITING!

Find someone who will give you time and more. Who sees you as more than just a significant other, but a best friend. Don't waste time on people who don't have time for you. And listen, you can love them all you want, that doesn't mean you need to be with them. Stop letting someone destroy who you are and what your worth. They will only make you feel like you were never good enough in the end. You are good enough. You are MORE than good enough, so don't let someone take your shine because you are a star.

They were just a shooting star that tried to drag you down with them. They might grant wishes, but you shine.

Love Always,