School has finally come to an end. Well at least it has finally come to the point for summer vacation. Now that we no longer have the stressors of coming home every night and doing homework or planning our days around class, we can finally relax. Although relaxing is everyone’s favorite part of having summer vacation, there are so many other things that can make three months not only relaxing but some of the best times of your life. Here are just a few things to make your summer your most memorable.

The number one thing to do during the summer to make it the most memorable is to take pictures. I am not necessarily talking about pictures you post on Snapchat or Instagram, but pictures that you can get printed out and hang them up. For many months following summer, you can look back and have a good laugh or remember the warmth of the sunshine.

Now in order to take pictures of things that you do, you must go out. I know that it is very easy to want to stay inside all day because when else is there really an opportunity to do so? With the warm days and still warm nights, there is so much exploring to do. The best advice that I was ever given about the summer came when someone told me that each summer, everyone should take on a new task or a new hobby. With this in mind, I have created and enjoyed many the adventure with both my friends and family. Even if you don’t want to necessarily start a hobby, there is always trying a new restaurant, visiting somewhere new, or even simply trying a new drink at your favorite coffee shop. There are so many options that all you have to do is go out and enjoy the day.

What would summer be if there weren’t crazy stories surrounding friends? You go all year without seeing your friends from home and in that time, you create great memories with your friends at school, but when you come home there is always a need to meet up with your friends. A lot of the time, some of my best memories came when the friends I made at school came to visit and met my friends from home.

As much fun as it is to go out every day and every night with your friends, you have to remember that your family has not seen you in the same amount of time as your friends have. Sometimes having dinner with your family before going out will not only appease your family who is always teasing you about not being home, but you are able to keep up with how everyone else’s summers are going as well.

Summer is full of many different adventures to be had. A lot of what summer is about is doing the things that during the year you wish you had time for. If that means taking more pictures, doing things that you thought you would have never done, or even just hanging out with your friends and family, summer can make three months some of the most fulfilling. The real trick to make this summer the best that it can be is to do the things that you want to do. Life gets crazy and hectic, and we for a time forget to have fun or enjoy our surroundings. This summer, to make it the best, just take time and appreciate what you have.