How To Make It Through University Efficiently
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How To Make It Through University Efficiently

No need to stay longer than is needed for your degree

How To Make It Through University Efficiently
Breanna Griffith

Going to a high school in a small town everything was handed to me. I didn't have to figure out how to do things on my own. because everything was done for me in high school when I arrived at my community college I was so lost and I didn't know how to navigate anything and this set me back 3 to 4 years. I know now how to do these things and I am continuing my college journey at OU. now, I would like to give you the tools to help you succeed and navigate through university. here is what I learned:

Tutoring: an abundance of universities tell their students that they have free access to online tutoring, however, most students don't realize that they have accessibility to other on-campus tutoring. at OU they have places like the language center where they will help you with your foreign language classes, they have a math and writing center and they even had a science center for all of your hard science classes. all you have to do is schedule your tutoring session with one of these centers and show up its that easy. if you show up to tutoring once a week and participate you will most likely succeed.

Studying: this is the same as tutoring you have to do it to succeed. you need to be studying at least every day to get great grades. there are 2 types of ways that you can study you can use the flashcard method or the foldback page method. when I study I use flashcards I buy them in bulk I am not kidding I have at least 25 flashcards sets on me right now. and I have more in my school supplies. I like using the flashcard method because I can turn my flashcards into a matching game and it makes learning more fun because I time myself and then I try to beat my time in the process I am actually learning the information that I need to. I always take 2 to 3 hours during the day and study. I do this as soon as we start a curriculum in class that way I am not behind and I am not waiting the last minute to study for the test and freaking out like other students that say they aren't prepared it helps when the test comes and I know I am prepared.

Using your apps: the reason this is so important is that these apps can help and remind you to study. you don't always have to carry your flashcards with you. you know that flashcards can become like bricks in your backpack well this is a way that you can always have your flashcards with you no matter where you go.

1. Quizlet

This is a great app because like I said you do not have to carry your flashcards with you. this awesome app also lets you insert pictures into your digital flashcards. they only let you do so may before they make you pay for Quizlet premium. now you can use the pictures that they have on their app. here is the website you can get started

2. Grammarly

This is a web extension that you can put on your laptop or desktop. this web extension attaches to your web browser you when you type something it will check your grammar and you can correct with this extension. this awesome extension also checks for plagiarism you can also insert your paper into Grammarly and do all the things I listed above. here is the website to get started

3. Socratic

Socratic is a great app for psychology students and more. all you have to do is have your assignment with you and take a picture of your assignment or take-home quiz and it will pull up all the possible answers. here is the link

4. Your universities app

OU has an app that this is a great way to get to know your campus resources on this app you can check your class schedule, your assignments, GPS your way to your classes just in case you get lost like me! you can also check your bursar account too. this all in one app has a tab for clubs and organizations too. here is the link

and finally, I saved the best for last...

Be serious: yes I mean it! you need to be serious about your education, you need to show up to class and not be late. you need to go visit with your instructors regularly and make sure that you are doing everything you need to succeed. also, pay attention in class. it will pay off in the end and you don't want thousands of dollars of your money or someone else's going down the drain. one way to be serious is you need to know how to navigate the financial aid, bursar, and admissions offices, know when to get your degree check, and know when to fill out the FAFSA to get all the help you need. you also need to check with the bursar regularly making sure you don't have any more charges on your account

I hope you all take my advice and do well this coming school year!

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