These walls are not about Trump and Mexico, but rather about that girl who won't let anyone in. The one who thinks she has to be tough and strong for those around her. That girl who thinks emotions equate to weakness and crying is for babies. The one who builds walls around her heart because she knows how easily it can be broken.

You would look at her and not even know she was hurting inside. She's the expert at bottling up and pretending like the world can't touch her. Everything is always great and nothing is ever a problem. She has a smile on her face and is there the second someone needs her. Although she can't seem to find her own happiness, she's constantly helping others find theirs.

Now, what happens when this girl falls in love with you? Well, she will really love you. Day and night she'll be at your side. She will constantly put you first and never think twice about doing so. She will think about you all the time and constantly worry. She will trust you wholeheartedly. She will give you everything you could want and more.

But if you break her heart, you've hurt her in a way that is hard to describe. She will internalize. She will say she's fine. She will act okay. You won't see her cry. But inside, she's numb. Because when you hurt this girl, she feels the pain deeper than anyone else could.

If you're friends with this girl, she's incredibly loyal. She's probably the first person you go to when you need to vent. She's the person you get your advice from. The person who you trust your life to. She's the rock, so calm and mature. She's always there when you need her, anytime of the day.

But what happens when she needs you? Well, she won't. Why? The walls, she can't break them. She can't let you see her vulnerable because it's physically impossible. At some point she will try to summon up the courage to tell you she needs emotional support but something will always stop her.

It's not that she can't tell you, it's that she won't. She believes no one understands. She thinks that no one cares. Whether that's true or not, it's enough to hold her back and to keep her from expressing what's inside.

She, again, goes numb. Because this girl is everything to everyone but constantly feels so alone. How do you love a girl who has built walls? Show her you're there.

Let her know she's loved. Take a second to really see what is going on in her world. Pick up on her body language and facial expressions. Ask about her more deeply, make her open up to you. Don't assume she's always okay because that's what she wants you to think.

Because if you stick around for her, she will open up. She will let you in and trust you with her heart. Don't take that for granted. If she gives you her heart protect that with your life. Understand that few will ever get to that point. Don't let her down because if you do, she will build those walls up to be stronger than before in order to disguise the pain she feels.

Love the girl who built walls around her heart because, I promise you, she loves you back.