learning to love your body

I never had a perfect relationship with my body. I had insecurities and was very self-conscious about them.

I didn't like the way my arms looked in sleeveless shirts. I hated my legs because they weren't as skinny and had marks on them. My hair was always frizzy and I had braces for a long period of my life.

It took me forever to accept my body for the way that it was. I went through a period where I would try to eat as little as I can just to lose weight. People around me told me that I was the "bigger" twin compared to my sister and that is something I still carry with me today.

I hated when summer came around because my "big thighs" would be showing and I couldn't hide them under layers. This more hate than love relationship went on all through high school until I got to college.

I realized that I didn't want to hide my body anymore and I wanted to be proud of it. I started eating better and exercising more. Don't get me wrong I still eat junk food when I can, but I don't binge on it anymore.

I introduce my body to new ways of being active, such as yoga. Seriously it's a game changer, I did not know my body could do some of these yoga moves. I'm learning to accept my body for the way that it is.

If I could go back and tell 13-year-old me something, it'd be this. Your body is only yours. No one can tell you different. The things your body can do will amaze you every day because as you grow, it will grow with you. Treat like a temple because it deserves a healthy soul and mind.

It's hard to love something that people judge so harshly and use as a comparison, but in the end, your body is what stays with forever. Learn to love it and care for it.

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