How To Know When You Are In Love

Mirror Mirror on the wall

How can you tell when you are in love?

You can't... you just know it

I think I've been in love

No you haven't

Why do you Say so?

Because, you think. I said you'll know

But I was in a long distance relationship for almost two years

Time has nothing on love and that does not mean anything.

Why else would I be with someone I hardly see for that long?

The right question is... What about him did you fall in love with?

I never met him, I don't know


Ok maybe not him, I was in love with the other guy

How do you know?

Because I was stupid, i broke all my laws to please him even when he did not care and threw it back in my face.

No, you were not in love

Why else would I be so stupid to put him before everything?

You were stupid because you knew you did not have to take the blame, you knew you could blame it on love, that's not love!

Okay maybe not them, I was in love with the other, other guy

How so?

Well I always liked to be with him...

You sound like you were lonely and vulnerable that's not love.

Oh wow... maybe not him but I was definitely in love with this other, other, other guy

Go on

He was so mature, like very mature, he had amazing lips, and every time he's present, my heart gets heavy, when he hugs me, I just feel so alive! His voice was like melody to my ears.

That's not love

What!?... What do you mean?

You saw something you like and your hormones got excited.

This is confusing

No it’s really not.


How then do I know when I'm in love?

When you stop looking forward to it, when you cannot question It, when it happens... you will know


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